Here are some of our useful tips:
  • Plan your route if you’re going out and about near waterways in winter 
  • Look out for the signs and warnings. They are placed to warn of non-obvious hazards

  • Stay off the ice and frozen waters they will not be able to hold a  person’s weight

  • Keep away from the edge, and be aware that snow and leaves may obscure the edge 

  • Supervise children around ice and waterways

  • Keep your dog on a lead near ice and frozen waters and don’t throw sticks or balls onto the ice for them. 

If you see a person in the water: 
  • Call 999, ask for FIRE

  • Stay off the ice: Help from the land to the best of your ability. Try to keep your eyes on the person at all times, especially in moving water 

  • Shout to the casualty to keep still to maintain heat and energy, use a calm reassuring voice if possible: Float To Live

  • Look for rescue equipment or anything that will extend your reach such as a rope, pole, branch or item of clothing.

  • Reach or throw out to the casualty with it. Gently guide and move the person to the shore. Make sure that you are on stable ground. 

  • ​Keep the casualty warm and make sure they go to hospital

If you get into difficulty in the water #FloatToLive:

  • Take a minute - The initial effects of cold water pass in the less than a minute so don’t try and swim straight away
  • Relax and float - on your back to catch your breath. Try to get hold of something that will help
    you float
  • Keep calm - then call for help or swim to safety if you’re able