The Authority is a Category One responder under the Civil Contingencies Act.  Its primary functions are prescribed by the Fire and Rescue Services Act under which the Authority is charged with the provision, training and equipping of a Fire and Rescue Service capable of undertaking the following functions:

  1. Fire Prevention.
  2. Fire Safety.
  3. Firefighting and Rescue.
  4. Road Traffic Collision extrication and rescue.
  5. Other emergency rescue activities including responding to flooding and terrorist attack.
  6. Special discretionary services (these may be subject to charging).

The Authority

There are 22 Members appointed in accordance with a statutory formula by the five constituent authorities within West Yorkshire, i.e. Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield Councils.  The appointments are made in proportion to the population levels within the five district council areas and in accordance with political balance rules.  Members are ordinarily appointed at each annual District Council meeting for a year at a time but their term of office can be extended or reduced by the appointing Council.

With effect from 24 June 2021 the political balance of the Authority is as follows:

Political party                 Number of members

Labour                                          12

Conservative                                  6

Liberal Democrat                           3 

Morley Borough Independents      1 


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