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Our team specialises in targeted interventions for young people who are most likely to use or instigate the use of a blue light service at some point in their lives. It includes experienced youth trainers and firefighters who are experts in the delivery of interactive youth interventions. We are keen to act as positive role models because we are passionate about young people's experiences.

Our target audience is any young person in West Yorkshire who may experience inequality in their education, housing, health and wellbeing. Barriers including poverty, having a troubled home life, mental health issues, being involved in antisocial behaviour (ASB) and possibly having a conviction or struggling with drug/alcohol issues, are all areas we wish to work with other partner agencies to break down.

Working preventatively with vulnerable young people can help to reduce their dependency on blue light services throughout their lives. Low economic well-being and deprivation is a key indicators of higher demand for the response services provided by WYFRS. Through offering additional opportunities for young people to develop their character, resilience, and determination, we will be a service to inspire behaviour change. We are not only raising their current safety awareness but developing their social responsibility and skills for their future.


All of our educational interventions are free of charge but are intended for, youth groups, youth services, youth justice teams, Prince’s Trust programs, and any other agencies working with identified vulnerable young people.

Educational Interventions
Short talks

Why do we do this? Young people who are at risk of being involved in antisocial behaviour (ASB), or an incident with far-reaching consequences for the community are more likely to be positively engaged with us when we are working in partnership. 

  • Consequences of Arson: Around 40% of fires in West Yorkshire are started deliberately. Many of these are small bin and refuse fires and they can lead to the diversion of resources from life threatening incidents. This session is an adaptable and open discussion between a highly experienced youth trainer and young people on the consequences of arson for themselves, their family, friends and the community.
  • Road Safety Awareness: An adaptable session for young people of all ages including awareness of the dangers of being a pedestrian all the way through to the causes of road traffic collisions and the impact on victims, family, friends and the community. It will enable young people to make fully informed and therefore better decisions when using the roads as either a pedestrian, passenger or driver.
  • ASB Impact: Young people engaging in and experiencing anti-social behaviour (ASB) has a negative impact on communities and also has a detrimental effect on an individual’s future progression. In response to an increase in hate crimes, attacks on firefighters and young people experiencing ASB, this session helps young people identify how ASB impacts their communities, the consequence of ASB and preventative measures they can take to reduce the risk of being involved.
  • Water Safety: This session is an adaptable and open discussion with young people regarding the hidden dangers of open water and how they can keep themselves and others safe. By exploring key safety messages young people will be to make fully informed and better decisions around open water.

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Adult Programmes

Our adult intervention programmes are delivered in partnership with Youth Justice Services and Probation Services. The purpose of the sessions are to educate and reduce reoffending.

  • Fire: An adaptable programme which can be tailored to meet the requirements of the partner. Suitable for impulsive and planned fire setting and focusing on emotional management, improved problem solving, consequences of arson and home fire safety. This can be delivered as two sessions lasting an hour each or as a condensed one hour intervention.
  • Reckless Driving: An adaptable programme on issues relating to road safety including causes of road traffic collisions (RTC) and the consequences of reckless driving.
Firesetting Intervention

If you know of a young person who has demonstrated firesetting behaviour, please make a referral to us immediately so we can reduce the change of this becoming a serious or fatal incident.

What is firesetting?

Young people can be interested in fire from a very young age and may show firesetting behaviour from as young as two or three years old.  Early intervention can significantly reduce the chance of this behaviour continuing.

Firesetting Intervention includes a Safe and Well Visit and the fitting of additional smoke detectors, as well as education on the dangers of playing with or using fire inappropriately.  The intervention is usually conducted at home on a one-to-one basis, but can be delivered in other appropriate locations to groups if appropriate.  Referrals can come from parents, carers, educators or any partner/agency supporting a young person.


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After the delivery of the Firesetting Intervention,  the young person’s firesetting behaviour is monitored for three months.  In 99% of cases, the behaviour stops. In the few cases where firesetting behaviour continues, WYFRS will work with partner agencies to look at other ways to engage with the young person about the dangers this behaviour poses.

Personal data and privacy

We collect information about young people involved in firesetting. This information is held in line with the Data Protection legislation.  Further details are available in our Privacy Notice which can be downloaded here: Youth Intervention Privacy Notice doc

Targeted Intervention Days

Targeted Intervention days are a combination of the intervention education relating to the issues young people face and practical firefighting activities. They are a high intensity experience day for young people who are most at risk of becoming disengaged with education and society. The day will challenge young people’s perceptions and ask them to take responsibility for their actions on specific risks or local issues.

These sessions can be adapted to suit any group and be used to tackle specific issues and act as a diversionary activity around peak times for blue light calls to prevent high levels of antisocial behaviour (ASB). WYFRS is keen to work with partners to engage vulnerable and challenging young people. The one day session can accommodate up to 15 young people over five hours, generally between 10am and 3pm.


Targeted Intervention Days aim to reduce the number of specific issues a local area experiences through an engaging and challenging activity for the young people involved. During the day, young people will be given the chance to work together lo solve problems, be given confidence to try something new, and build a relationship with their local fire station.

  • Safe & Sound (From 8 Years)  - A hands on confidence building session making a lot of noise learning about personal safety.
  • RescYOU (From 8 Years) - RescYOU is a dynamic programme designed to be a mixture of physical activity, team focused tasks, and mindful reflection that can be used to build confidence around others and consider strategies to best cope with everyday challenges.
  • Action Strike Back (From 11 Years)  - A challenging and provoking session for those involved with anti-social behaviour (ASB). 
  • Crackers (From 11 Years)  - Challenging young people to consider the effects of ASB and playing with fireworks and fires during the bonfire night period, or at other times of the year if an issue arises.
  • Fast, Furious & Fatal (From 15 Years)  - A session to look at road safety and the consequences of reckless driving, practically investigating what the aftermath of a crash is.

More information:

  • 5-hour sessions
  • No of learners cost (6-10 learners £520, up to 15 learners £646)

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Core Interventions

These programmes develop character in young people by challenging their confidence, resilience, integrity and determination. They are practical and fast paced utilising firefighting skills to promote behaviour change to enable young people to face the challenges of life, society and future employment. 

Bespoke courses combining some of these programmes can be delivered. Contact the Youth Intervention Team for more information. School/youth groups can share programme participant numbers and we can look at combined funding options.



Gaining Resilience In Teamwork, this programme encourages young people to work together to achieve.  This high energy course uses practical challenges to develop and stretch their ability to work together.  Individual skills are appreciated and celebrated.

Secondary age pupils 11-16
10 week course, 2.5 hours a week
No. of learners cost:
6-10 £1820
Up to 15 £2451

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Giving young people something to SHOUT about, this programme is high impact with a focus on the development of practical firefighting skills. The course develops confidence as well as raising awareness of fire and road safety.

  • Primary age school children 8-11 years
  • 6 week course, 2 hours per week
  • No of Learners Cost
  • 6 - 10 £975
  • Up to 15 £1,278

Can be adapted and delivered on consecutive days over one week and for more hours or condensed according to need of the learners/provider.

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Fire Fit

With a combined focus on physical wellbeing and firefighting skills, healthy living, eating and lifestyles are explored through practical challenges in an innovative and inspiring way.

  • Groups aged 8-18 years
  • 6 weeks, 2 hours per week
  • No of Learner's Cost
  • 6 - 10 £975
  • Up to 15 £1,278

Can be adapted and delivered on consecutive days over one week and for more hours or condensed according to need of the learners/provider.

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Fire Work

Employability skills are a key part of a young person’s development. Through a series of structured practical tasks, this programme focuses on aspirations and developing skills essential for any workplace with particular emphasis on working with others, communication, responsibility and problem-solving.

  • Suitable for groups aged 14 and above
  • One week, 3½ or 5 hours per day
  • No of Learners Cost
  • 6 - 10 £1,332/£1,820
  • Up to 15 £1,774/£2,451

For 16 – 25 year olds not in education or employment this programme can be delivered over a longer period and include work experience, application support and interview practice.

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Crash and Burn
  • Ages 16 to 25
  • 3 days, 5 hours per day
  • Up to 10 £1,170
  • Up to 15 £1,549
  • Course participants – min 6 and max 15 young people

Target group:
For agencies which support and engage groups of young people aged 16 to 25, with the aim of progressing their personal development and specifically improving their resilience.

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What is Crash and Burn?
It is a three-day practical course which helps build a young person’s ability to handle their emotions in a pressurised situation. The course is aimed at groups developing their skills for employment or further education and takes place for two of the days at their usual place of study. The middle day of the course takes place at a local fire station, when the group are given the skills to take part in a scenario such as “House Fir Persons Reported” – It’s a matter of life or death! To finish the course, the group reflect on their own and the group’s resilience during the course and look at the application of this learning for their future.

Why are we doing this course?
This course meets our expectation to be a catalyst for change. It is fast paced and gives young people the tools to face the challenges life brings us all, head on! Young people are supported to develop better coping mechanisms in order to take control when life gets tough and focus on the future. They are more likely to gain education, employment or training opportunities and be less reliant on our service in the future, if they understand how they can be more resilient.

After experiencing the pressures firefighters face on a daily basis, young people will have the confidence to face unknown environments and take on a challenge. They will build their ability to work as part of a team and understand the need for resilience.


Princes Trust Programmes 

Work with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service on the Princes Trust Programmes!

Funding and partners

WYFRS has a statutory duty to protect the local community. However, our programmes go above and beyond by providing more than a simple safety message. All courses are run on a strictly not-for-profit basis and 100% of the income is invested directly into the provision of the courses. We actively seek and secure funding opportunities and can support partners in applying for funding to deliver our programmes. This funding enables us to provide partners and young people the opportunity to engage with our provision without funding being a barrier

Bespoke Programmes

To ensure our provision is accessible to all young people in West Yorkshire we are able to make adaptations to our programmes to ensure it meets the needs of young people.

Our specialist team of Youth Trainers and Instructors have experience of adapting programme to meet a range of needs including visual impairments, wheelchair users and young people with learning, emotional or behavioural needs.

Contact us to find out more about how we can tailor a package to meet the needs of the young people you work with.


Accredited Programmes

Prince’s Trust Level 1 Award in ‘Developing Resilience’ can incorporated into all programmes over 30 hours for young people aged 12 years +. The qualification aims to support learners to increase their personal resilience by exploring, experiencing and developing different protective factors and learning how to apply helpful habits to manage life’s challenges. Partners can incorporate the qualification into their programme for an additional cost of £10 per learner.


“The sessions gave young people, who often only receive negative feedback, an opportunity to participate in something really exciting and shine. This particularly showed their leadership and determination which I’ve not seen before! All staff have been made aware of this and so have the opportunity to celebrate success with them.”

- Trinity Academy Halifax

“Our students all really enjoyed getting out into the local community, meeting the firefighters and WYFRS team to learn about the role of a firefighter and fire safety. The students showed increased confidence over the course of the programme. Having opportunities to try new things and follow instructions was beneficial for our students with complex needs. They particularly enjoyed the practical aspects of the session, especially getting to use the hose!”

Fairfield School

“This has been an incredible experience and has literally saved my life and made me a new and better person.”

- Young person following the Team programme

“Our students massively benefited from the intervention. They were given insight into the roles and careers available with the fire service. They have gained good understanding of healthy lifestyles, through physical fitness and a balanced diet.”

- Minsthorpe Community College

“The bespoke sessions were highly engaging and challenged attitudes to risk taking behaviour. These sessions supported young people to make good choices and enabled them to participate, engage and learn about West Yorkshire Fire Service.”

- Leeds Youth Service