Reports of a derelict building on fire.  On arrival, crews made pumps 8 and aerials 2.  Fire was in upper floors and roof of derelict building approx 60m x 30m.   Crews used 2 aerial appliances, 4 large jets 1 hose reel and 1 ground monitor to extinguish the fire.  There were no persons involved in the incident.

Agricultural building and domestic property fire, make pumps 6, persons reported.  Building was 100% involved in fire, with crews using 3 large jets and a ground monitor to get the fire under control.  1 casualty self rescued from the property suffering with burns, and was taken to hospital via ambulance.

This was a fire inside a fast food premise. Fire was on the ground floor of a 4 storey building. 25% of building measuring approx. 20 metres x 20 metres was involved. Crews used 8 breathing apparatus, 4 hose reels and positive pressure ventilation fans to extinguish the fire.

8 fire engines and supporting resources and officers from across the brigade attended.

4 fire engines and fire investigation officer are currently still in attendance.








Crews have been at an address in Bradford dealing with a building fire for most of the day. Multiple crews attended and used 6 Breathing Apparatus and 4 hose reels to extinguish the fire.

Building fire, make pumps 8 and 1 Aerial appliance, this is a 3 storey building measuring approx., 125m by 25m, 25% involved in fire affecting 3 of the floors.

3 sectors are in use and crews using are using 1 breathing apparatus, 1 hose reel and 2 large jets to extinguish the fire.

Reports of smoke coming from windows of top floor of 3 storey building.  On arrival, crews made pumps 10, persons reported. This is a timber framed building in an eco development, the fire is on the second floor. 4 breathing apparatus, 3 hose reel jets and 2 large jets in use. There proved to be no persons involved.

Derelict building fire, 3 storeys, 60% involved in fire. Crews currently using 8 Firefighting appliances, 2 Aerial ladder platforms, 3 large jets and 2 hose reels to extinguish the fire.

Appliances from across the brigade are in attendance along with specialist resources and officers.

Make pumps 5 building fire, multi occupancy commercial units involved, 4 breathing apparatus, 2 hose reels, 2 large jets & Aerial ladder platform in use. Incident has been sectorised. 70m x 40m with exposure risk to 1 side.

Appliances from Otley, Rawdon, Cookridge, Leeds and Shipley are in attendance with supporting resources and specialist officers.


A West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “We are still in attendance at a wildfire on Marsden Moor which was contained overnight and now measures approximately 200m by 150m. Today firefighters will be damping down hot spots. Crews currently in attendance are Huddersfield, Shipley, Dewsbury and Huslet with wildfire support from Slaithwaite.