WYFRS at Halifax Charity Gala

Halifax Green Watch and Rastrick Green Watch attended the Halifax Charity Gala earlier this June. The crews provided lots of safety advice, from water safety, home fire safety, road safety and much more. 

The firefighters also used the water flume to demonstrate the dangers of open water, especially rivers.

Spencer Masters is a West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Crew Commander:

"Myself and the crews from Halifax and Rastrick Green Watch attended the Halifax Charity Gala on Saturday the 8th of June. Our role that day was to provide invaluable support to the local community. 

Our team engaged attendees with comprehensive water safety advice through our #BeWaterAware campaign. Our aim was to ensure families understood the importance of vigilance near local water bodies. 

We emphasised home fire safety, shared essential tips on preventing and responding to household fires, and highlighted the critical aspects of road safety, promoting cautious and responsible driving practices. 

Additionally, we also raised awareness about moorland fire safety through our #BeMoorAware campaign, educating the community on the dangers of moorland fires and how to prevent them.

In addition, we focused on raising funds for the Firefighters Charity, rallying support for our fellow firefighters. The day was a blend of education, community spirit, and charitable efforts, reflecting our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of Halifax residents."

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West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue staff at Halifax Charity Gala