Training exercise sees firefighters battling a fire at Yorkshire airport

The runway at a Yorkshire airport became the scene of an emergency training exercise recently for firefighters.

Training exercise at Doncaster Sheffield Airport

The exercise ‘Houston, we have a problem’ saw teams from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) putting their skills to the test at Doncaster Sheffield Airport. The training exercise was based around an emergency landing of a Boeing 747 due to an engine fire and crews from Wakefield, Ossett and Pontefract took part.

Crews worked alongside Doncaster Sheffield Fire Service crews to resolve the incident, including dealing with an aircraft fuel fire in the engine, making entry to the aircraft as well as casualty location and evacuation. Watch commanders Steve Blore and Jon Brandt also attended the scenario-based training along with station manager Ronan Bruce.

SM Bruce said: “It was a fantastic exercise for all crews who proved they were experts at utilising onsite information resources to ensure safety of all passengers on the Boeing 747. They showed complete understanding of the situation and used the correct equipment to ensure success. Doncaster Sheffield Fire Service crews were quick to compliment the effort, ability and attitude shown by WYFRS crews.

“The District and the crews involved were very grateful for the opportunity to utilise the facilities, especially with all the uncertainty at the time surrounding the status of the airport. Credit must go to the Doncaster Sheffield personnel, especially CM Craig Steeley, who have been extremely professional, patient and helpful throughout an ongoing agreement between Wakefield District and the airport.”