Castleford Fire Station

Castleford Fire Station, built in 1972, is located centrally in the community which it serves. The population of the area is 40,000+ incorporating a total of more than 16,000 dwellings. Castleford Fire Station is within an area that has facilities such as the Carlton Lanes Shopping Centre and Junction 32 shopping outlet. Large public attractions include the Xscape activity complex. There are also the Castleford Tigers RFL teams based at the 9,000 capacity Mend-A-Hose Jungle Stadium. Castleford also has the M62 motorway and part of the railway network running through it.

Firefighters stood in front of Fire Engine at Castleford Fire Station.
Wakefield District
Co-responder station

Beancroft Road
WF10 5EH
United Kingdom

The personnel work professionally, striving towards helping all members of the public to be safe within their own homes and whilst out and about in the community.

The team is part of the Wakefield District Group and works a system known as Day Crewing. There are 12 firefighters based there and they live in a house next to the station on the days they are at work.

Working closely with partnership agencies, personnel aim to target resources to areas identified as high risk and reduce that risk to a tolerable level.

Fire car, fire van and fire engine inside a Fire Station.

Personnel are committed to reducing the number of fires and road traffic collisions in the area by meeting and educating people through school talks for the young, fairs and galas, community group talks and full extrication demonstrations to highlight the importance of being safe.

An excellent relationship has been created with the local high schools through the Young Firefighter Training Scheme which focuses on educating pupils, instilling discipline and developing team work.

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