One tumble dryer bursts into flames nearly every day in the UK!



Don’t overload your tumble dryer – as well as your clothes taking much longer to dry and costing you more money, overloading can cause a fire risk; the element at the back of the tumble dryer can cause the clothing to overheat and combust.

If you have clothing which has been contaminated with substances such as solvents, grease, oils or fats dry them naturally; don’t dry them in your tumble dryer as these substances can all ignite when in contact with extreme heat.

Keep your tumble dryer well-maintained – clean it each time you use it by cleaning and clearing the filters from lint and fluff. Ensure the machine is well ventilated, that there are no kinks in the ventilation pipe and that any external vent flap is able to open when the dryer is on. Don’t use the dryer if it develops scorch marks or you notice any damaged or loose wires.

Remember, always follow the manufacturers instructions.