The IRMP will lead to the introduction of a new strategic framework for managing community risk which will optimise the integration of our Prevention, Protection, Response and Resilience services. This framework will be underpinned by a suite of detailed risk indicators, and demographic information, which reflect the key risks to both the community of West Yorkshire and to our fire-fighters.

Group Manager/Strategic Development

Andy Rose

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Integrated Risk Management Planning

Plans developed by the Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) will enable West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) to deliver an economic, efficient and effective modern service, which is reflective of the current challenge to deliver more, for less. It will also contribute to WYFRS achieving its ambition, aim and strategic priorities set out in our Service Plan and for WYFRS to be regarded as one of the leading fire and rescue organisations in the United Kingdom. IRMP Phase 1 and 2 interventions are being implemented across West Yorkshire.

Programme and Project Management

The Strategic Development team manages the WYFRS Project Framework which ensures that all projects in the organisation are managed consistently against agreed standards, approval processes and governance structures.  The team, together with the Legal and Governance team also assess the rationalisation strategy with regard to relocation, co-locating, disposal, re-use etc of all building assets and land arising from the approved changes. We work closely with our finance department to determine the capital plan requirements, prioritisation and capital grant applications.