The Service Improvement and Assurance Team have the following responsibilities:

Support the HMICFRS

When the HMICFRS team arrive at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service we will facilitate them providing evidence/information as and when needed.

Prepare WYFRS for HMICFRS inspections

Our key objectives for this will be to establish evidence for the core questions and develop a communication strategy to engage with all key stakeholders. We will also review the current service assurance process cross mapping against HMIC core questions and collaborate with other agencies and businesses on self-assessment.

Assist departments in completing their annual self-assessments.

SIAT will provide guidance and support throughout the process

The self-assessment will be completed on an annual basis. It is designed to provide the Authority and Managers assurance at three separate levels:

The first level focuses on the day to day working of departments, with an emphasis on areas such as:

“Does the department have clearly defined departmental objectives?”

“Does the department take into account statutory provisions, legislation and guidance?”

This is called Direct Assurance.

The second level assures that departments fit within WYFRS’s wider organisational polices and risk assessments, this is called Corporate Governance Oversight – Risk Assurance.

The final level of assurance is carried out independently; this includes Internal Audits carried out by Kirklees and the new Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constables and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS). This is Third party review – Independent Assurance.

The main objective of the process is to be un-bureaucratic whilst adding real value to the organisation.

Carry out specific audits on request following approval from the Director of Service Support

These will be carried out as and when requested.

Manage and monitor the WYFRS Audit Tracking Tool

Any audits carried out are recorded on a tracking tool managed by SIAT. Any recommendations that arise from audits are also recorded and there completion is tracked and archived when complete.

Quality sampling of the District PMV Process

A process of quality sampling PMV’s has been developed to monitor continuity throughout the brigade.

Assist the Kirklees Audit Team

Any assistance required by the Kirklees Audit Team whilst carrying out there audits will be facilitated by SIAT.