What is an explosives licence?

An explosives licence is a document that allows the holder to store and/or manufacture explosives at a suitable designated premises.  The holder of an explosives licence is responsible for ensuring the licensing conditions are being met.  Examples of conditions of the licence can include the maximum quantity allowed to be stored and/or the category/type of explosives that can be stored.

Applying for an explosives licence

If you are applying for an explosives licence for the first time, or for new premises, part of the application process will include a Fire Safety Audit under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 by one of our inspecting officers. This is to ensure the premises are broadly compliant with that legislation prior to considering its suitability for the storage of explosives.

Please note that once received, we aim to process applications as quickly as possible, however, please do not contact us to chase your application until 28 days have passed since the initial application date.

Due to the increase in seasonal demand, any applications received after 10 October will not be processed until after 5 November.

If your application is incomplete and does not provide the required information it will be returned to you, dependent upon what work we have undertaken to assess the application and determine if a refund is applicable. However, if our inspectors attend your premises and deem it unsuitable, no refund will be provided. to carry out the administration for you to obtain a fireworks storage license from the date of initial application.

Please note that in order to apply for a licence, you must own or have a current tenancy agreement in place for the premises you intend to store explosives. Evidence of this will be required as part of the application.

If you are intending to store more than 2,000kg of Net Explosive Content (NEC) of fireworks, you must apply for a licence from the Health and Safety Executive.

For queries, email fire.safety@westyorksfire.gov.uk or call us on: 0113 3875738.

Apply now

Please contact our team via the details below to arrange for an application form to be sent out:

fire.safety@westyorksfire.gov.uk or call us on 0113 3875738 and ask for explosives licensing.



For the appropriate storage fees, please click HERE.

The fee for application, processing and site visit to determine if the licence can be issued, is non-refundable. Payments are currently accepted via by BACS or cheques, we will shortly be changing this to online payments only.

For new applications please contact us at fire.safety@westyorksfire.gov.uk or call us on 0113 3875738 to obtain an application form, reference number and BACS details.

For renewal applications please use the ID number detailed at the top of your renewal letter as payment reference.

Applying for an all-year supply licence

Fireworks can normally only be sold at specified dates and times based on the issue of the storage licence. If, as a retailer, you wish to sell fireworks outside these dates you must apply for a ‘licence to supply or expose for supply’ adult fireworks.

This is a separate licence issued under The Fireworks Regulations 2004 and can be obtained from WYFRA.  The annual fee is £500.  To obtain an application form email: fire.safety@westyorksfire.gov.uk or call 0113 3875738.

Please Note: WYFRA will only issue a licence to supply when the Authority are confident that the person/company are a responsible retailer of fireworks.  This is normally after holding a storage licence for a minimum period of 12 months.  You cannot obtain a licence to supply unless you hold a current storage licence.

Planning a Fireworks Display

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service recommends that members of the public enjoy fireworks by attending a display that has been arranged by a competent organiser utilising a competent display operator who will follow the guidance set out in The Blue Firework Guide.

Where members of the public intend to hold their own firework display then valuable guidance is available within The Red Fireworks Guide. This document includes guidance on where the fireworks are being fired by people without specialist knowledge or training. This new edition has been updated to include the significant changes in the law relating to the supply, possession, transport, keeping, and use of fireworks which may have an effect on such displays.

Animals and Fireworks

Concern for animals where fireworks are being used is a key issue for the RSPCA during the bonfire season and where ever possible WYFRA support the concerns and activities of the RSPCA.

Fireworks are used by people throughout the year to mark different events. While they can bring much enjoyment to some people, they can cause significant problems and fear for other people and animals. They can be a source of fear and distress for many animals (including pet animals, farm livestock and wildlife).

Animals affected not only suffer psychological distress but can also cause themselves injuries – sometimes very serious ones – as they attempt to run away or hide from the noise.

So we would ask that if you are planning a bonfire or fireworks event or just letting fireworks off in your garden, please consider the wildlife and animals that may be affected.


Petroleum Certification

Petrol filling station owners/keepers have certain responsibilities under the Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014.  One of the responsibilities is to obtain a Petroleum Storage Certificate for the dispensing premises.  To find out more, please visit the Health and Safety Executive Website.

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Authority are the Petroleum Enforcement Authority in West Yorkshire for all petrol filling station sites, which include retail and non-retail sites that dispense petroleum-spirit.  Which means that our role is the certifying Authority for the storage of petroleum in West Yorkshire.  To protect the public and the environment, petroleum is certified to ensure that it is kept and dispensed safely.

If you are storing or proposing to store petroleum and dispensing activities are taking place on your commercial or retail premises, you must apply for a storage certificate, apply here.

If you intend to store petroleum, you as a certified keeper, will be required to complete a risk assessment under the Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) 2002.  Further information on completing a DSEAR risk assessment can be found here.


Petroleum Certificate Fees

The fees and charges payable in respect of applications for the granting of storage certificates under the Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 can be found within Schedule 7 (Part 5) of The Health and Safety and Nuclear (Fees) Regulations 2024. Please follow this link.

If you require further information email: fire.safety@westyorksfire.gov.uk or call 0113 3875738.