West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is regularly called to fires which members of the public believe to be emergencies but, on attendance, are found to be bonfires or land clearance.

Such calls cause a drain on our resources and put both the public and firefighters at risk when we respond under ‘blue light’ conditions.

If you are going to have a bonfire, or any other type of controlled burning, which will be visible to passers by, you can let our Control Room know by calling the non-emergency number:

0113 8237007

Control will want to know the exact location of your fire, the times you are planning to let the fire burn, and a contact number for yourself, or whoever will be responsible for the site. This will assist us to avoid mobilising crews to you unnecessarily.

Please let us know if you are planning:

  • A sizeable bonfire in your garden or on other land.
  • Any sort of fire on farmland.
  • Stubble burning.