Using candles safely

  • Only use candles in rooms where you are present and try not to use them when children or pets are around in case they’re accidentally knocked over.
  • When lighting candles, trim the wick first and don’t leave matches in the hot wax once you’ve used them.
  • Once a candle is lit, avoid moving it but if you do, extinguish it first.
  • Always use suitable candle holders and place them away from draughts, curtains, soft furnishings and under shelves.
  • Tea light candles should also always be placed in proper holders.
  • If you fancy a long soak in the bath don’t use candles around the sides of the bath and don’t place them on any other plastic or acrylic surface.
  • Avoid using candles when you’re under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs or adversley affected by medication.