Let’s all have a bangin’ bonfire night and keep safe

A bonfire safety campaign is being launched across West Yorkshire as fireworks officially go on sale this weekend.

Bonfire Night safety campaign #BanginBonfire

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) has today launched their #BanginBonfire campaign to help people across the region enjoy Bonfire Night safely. From Saturday people will be able to buy fireworks and sparklers from registered sellers to use at home. However, fire officers are urging the public to attend organised events where possible.

Area manager Scott Donegan said: “We want the public to enjoy this time of year because, if done safely, it can be great fun for families across West Yorkshire. If possible, I would encourage people to go to one of the organised events taking place across the region. However, if anyone is planning on having a bonfire and fireworks at home, they need to follow our guidance.

“This includes only adults buying fireworks, and from reputable retailers. Think carefully about where you place your bonfire and consider how to keep it under control and make sure that everyone is safe around the flames. Also, don’t drink alcohol when having a bonfire or using fireworks. It’s also important to be mindful of sparklers, they should never be given to a child under five years of age and must always be held at arm’s length and in a gloved hand. Once they have gone out put sparklers in a bucket of water or sand.”

As part of their #BanginBonfire campaign firefighters are visiting schools to speak to young people about the importance of staying safe around bonfires and fireworks. They are also working with local authorities to perform spot checks to remove fly tipping that could be a target for arson.

AM Donegan said: “We will make sure we are prepared to respond on key dates, which includes Halloween and Bonfire Night. Any fires that pose a danger to people or buildings will be extinguished by our crews – but we are hoping that if people follow our advice this will not be needed. We are working with West Yorkshire Police to spread these important safety messages and help to keep everyone safe this autumn.”

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