Keep your kitchen fire-safe with regular extractor fan maintenance

Keeping a commercial kitchen fire-safe should be a priority for all chefs and restaurant owners.

extractor fan clean

Figures show that 70% of fires in public houses, restaurants and takeaways are caused by an accumulation of dirt and grease inside their extractor or ventilation fan systems.

To reduce the likelihood of damage from accidental fire, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) recommend getting your system serviced every three to six months depending on usage and frequency.

Service Delivery Area Manager Scott Donegan said: “Excessive build-up of dirt in extraction systems can cause a variety of fire risks. The build-up of dirt can create blockages in the ducts and ventilation system, resulting in poor air flow. Without regular maintenance, the air flow in the kitchen will gradually reduce until it reaches a point where there’s no reasonable chance of preventing a fire.

“Chefs need to take extra care when it comes to cleaning their extractor fans as they can easily become clogged with grease if not maintained properly. Grease build-up can be incredibly flammable which increases the risk of an accidental fire starting in the kitchen. Regular deep cleaning ensures that any dangerous build up is removed before it becomes a problem.”

By following these steps you can help to keep your commercial kitchen safe from potential fires caused by extractor fans:

  • regularly service your system every three to six months depending on usage.
  • keep your fans clean and free from debris.
  • check all safety features such as smoke alarms.
  • use professional cleaners for deep cleaning tasks.
  • remove any dangerous build up before it becomes a problem.

Regular cleaning and maintenance helps to keep your commercial kitchen safe from potential fires caused by build-up inside your extraction fan systems. It is important to keep the fans clean and free from any debris that could potentially create a blockage or spark an accidental fire.

Cleaning should be done on a regular basis to ensure that all parts are working properly and safely. Also, it’s important to check that all safety features such as smoke alarms are up to date and functioning correctly at all times.

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