Firefighters Face Feline Fiasco

Firefighters in Odsal were faced with a feline fiasco when they rescued a cat that had become stuck down a chimney.

Crew group photo holding black cat

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) were called to Giles Street, near Wibsey Park, earlier this month after the RSPCA were unable to get access to the cat on the roof of a terraced house.

Crew Manager Robin Hinsley said there were several challenges the crew had to deal with, including a number of telephone lines.

“With the back-to-back houses so close together we had a limited space to work in,” he said. “What made it even more challenging was the web of telephone lines, which led to a confined pitch of the 135ft ladder.

“As our crew ascended the ladder, the feline daredevil leapt down a chimney pot, which turned out to be a sealed chimney stack.”

The Technical Rescue Unit used high-tech cameras and demolition tools to pinpoint the cat near the chimney base.

CM Hinsley said: “With precision and care a hole was created, ensuring this ‘tail’ had a happy ending.

“All is well, and we are hoping the cat will take up a less adventurous pastime – perhaps indoor birdwatching?”