D-Day Beacons: 6th June 2024

This year marks the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

On Thursday 6th June 2024, beacons will be lit at 9:15pm to commemorate the World War II landings across the British Isles, as well as at the five beaches in Normandy, where the historic battles took place.

Remember, prioritising fire safety ensures everyone can enjoy the D-Day events without unnecessary risks.

Please let's make safety our top priority as we come together to honour history:

•    Conduct any relevant risk assessments - considering the access and egress of fire engines - ensure an appropriate emergency plan is in place.
•    Before setting up a beacon, ensure you have permission from the landowner or relevant authorities.
•    Inspect the beacon for any damage, corrosion, or malfunction.
•    Locate the bonfire at least 60m away from buildings, roads, railways and public rights of way, and a safe distance from dangerous materials and overhead power lines. 
•    Keep children and pets safe, ensure they are supervised, and establish a clear boundary to prevent them from getting too close.
•    Have a water supply nearby, keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher to hand. It’s better to be prepared than risk a dangerous situation.
•    Never leave a fire unattended; always ensure that someone responsible monitors the fire.
•    Use only wood for combustible materials. Do not burn dangerous items, such as foam-filled furniture, old tyres, aerosols or tins of paint.
•    Avoid lighting the beacon in strong winds, as wind can cause flames to spread unpredictably and pose risks to nearby structures and people.
•    The safest and recommended approach is to use paper and solid firelighters in six places just inside the walls of the beacon to ensure an even burn. Never use flammable liquids, such as paraffin or petrol.

You can find more advice here:

#BeMoorAware: Wildfire Safety | West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (

National Guidance: D-Day-80-Anniversary-Guide.pdf (



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