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Building Fire - Make Pumps 7 + 1 Aerial

12 June 2024
Property fire
Leeds Road, Bradford
Attending station
Crews from across West Yorkshire

11:54 Initial crews (3 from Bradford, Stanningley and Odsal) were mobilised to reports of a building on fire on Leeds Road in Bradford. 

12:09 Crews 'made pumps 5 and aerials 1' (requested 2 more fire engines and 1 aerial appliance) - supporting appliances and officers also sent to assist in dealing with the incident. Other agencies also informed including Police and Ambulance.

12:42 Incident Commanders requested 2 further fire engines (Make Pumps 7)

The incident has been sectorised into 2 sectors - in total, 3 large jets, 3 hosereels, 1 aerial and 8 firefighters wearing breathing apparatus are in use. Building size approx 5m x 10m, 2 storey, both floors involved.

15:00 Incident has been scaled down as crews continue to dampen down. Many supporting resources have been returned to their base stations.

16:00 4 Relief crews have been sent to scene to take over damping down at the incident; from Wakefield (for the aerial), Morley, Cookridge and Killingbeck.