Virtual reality comes to West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Fire service staff from all over the UK take a journey in The Hazard Express

Virtual reality comes to WYFRS

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service hosted a Virtual Reality (VR) workshop series at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service HQ this week.

Staff from around the service took part in the demonstrations, to explore the potential for using the technology in training.

The final session of the day was attended by other fire and rescue services from around the country including Tyne and Wear, South Yorkshire and Shropshire, as well as members of the National Fire Chiefs Council.

The training applications of VR include fires in tall buildings, road safety and many more.

As well as using headsets, participants tried out The Hazard Express - a custom built van containing six automated bucket seats which can be used for prevention training, among other uses.

CFO Support Officer Adrian Bairstow said: “The enthusiasm and energy from Paul Speight, Watch Manager at Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service and his colleagues was fantastic and the reactions from those participating was great. This was a demonstration of VR training, for us to consider if and how it can be used in the future.”