Kicking off the fourth annual "Swift Water Rescue Training" programme

The Technical Rescue Department proudly launched its fourth annual Swift Water Rescue Training (SWRT) programme, aligning with the "Be Water Aware" safety campaign. This critical training ensures that our West Yorkshire firefighter teams are well-prepared for water rescue operations, enhancing their skills in realistic and controlled environments.

It will include operational crews;

MOD 2: All operation crews. Basic water awareness and rescue techniques.

MOD 3: "Swift Water Rescue Teams" SWRT, These crews have non powered boats and are specialised in water rescue.

MOD 4: "Swift Water Rescue Teams" SWRT, These crews have the addition of powered boats and are specialised in water rescue.

Training Venue and Participants

The training sessions are being held at Pinkston Watersports in Scotland, a purpose-built venue providing a safe “clean water” environment ideal for intensive rescue training. The program will train West Yorkshire’s MOD 3/4 Crews and Technical Rescue Officers (TROs) through realistic scenarios.

Key Training Focus Areas

This year's SWRT programme emphasises several advanced rescue techniques, including:

Advanced Sled Work: Enhancing skills in manoeuvring and rescuing with the use of sleds.

Rescues from Weirs: Training on safely and effectively conducting rescues in weir environments.

Vehicle Water Rescues: Preparing crews for the complexities of rescuing individuals trapped in vehicles submerged in water.
Objectives and Benefits

The scenario-based training is designed to ensure that our crews are adept at handling the challenges presented by swift water rescue situations. By simulating real-life scenarios, we aim to equip our teams with the knowledge and experience necessary for successful and safe rescue operations.

We look forward to seeing all participating crews and officers at Pinkston Watersports over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for updates and follow our progress on social media as we continue to prioritise safety and preparedness in all our rescue operations.

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Swift Water Rescue Training program