Official opening

New South Kirkby Fire Station

Fire chiefs are set to welcome dignitaries for the official opening of the new South Kirkby Fire Station.

The brand news station serves Hemsworth, South Elmsall and South Kirkby.

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South Kirkby Fire Station

Chinese New Year

Celebrate safely

Chinese New Year celebrations start on February 19 and last a fortnight.

Read our safety tips on sky lanterns, candles and cooking with caution during the festivities.

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Chinese New Year

Football boss

Spreads safety message

Huddersfield Town Director Sean Jarvis is helping spread vital fire safety messages after a blaze at his home.

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Sean Jarvis

Automatic Fire Alarms

How to prevent false alarms

The very features provided by automatic fire detection and alarm systems can unfortunately also produce unwanted signals arising from activities other than a real fire.

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Tips on how to prevent unwanted signals

    Smoke Alarm

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