Service Plan


Our electronic Service Plan 2015-2020 will be available for consultation until the end of January 2015. The plan outlines the Service's key priorities and objectives and builds upon the delivery and achievement of the Service Plan 2011-2015.

Service Plan 2015-2020

Fire crews rescue graduate

From smashed car

University graduate Zoe Turner has thanked firefighters who rescued her from the wreckage of a smashed car following a road traffic collision shortly before Christmas. 

Zoe's red dress prevented her injuries from being worse.

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Red dress girl pictured with firefighters who rescued her.

Day as firefighter

For competition winners

Year 5 children from schools across West Yorkshire enjoyed a 'morning as a firefighter' as their prize for winning our Christmas Fire Safety Poster Competition!

Leeds Green Watch hosted the group who had an "amazing" time.

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Poster winners

Dangers of open water!


A dog owner recently risked his own life to save his stricken pet from an icy lake in Bradford.

Despite the attachment we all hold to our beloved pets, this action puts lives at potential risk - not just your own but those of firefighters too! 

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Icy lake

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