Time to get chimneys swept!

Autumn is on the way!

It's Chimney Fire Safety Week (September 9 -15) and a timely reminder that autumn is on the way. 

Prepare your home's chimney by getting it swept now!

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Cracking down on hoax calls

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has been lifting the lid not only on the financial burden but also the 'human risk' posed by malicious 999 calls.

Read the full story.

Listen to an example hoax call received by our control.


New build stations

Sod-cutting ceremonies have recently taken place for the new Killingbeck and Carlton Road fire stations.

Find out more about the Killingbeck event (pictured).

Find out more about the Carlton Road event.

sod cutting

Emergency Fire Crew Vacancies

We are inviting further applications to bolster our on-going contingency plans to help keep the communities of West Yorkshire safe in the event of further strikes by Firefighters.

Can you support your Fire Service and the communities of West Yorkshire in challenging circumstances?

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