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Commercial Fire Alarms

Contact Details – Inspector – Fire Alarms 0113 387 5714

A risk assessment of your building may reveal that the installation of an automatic fire detection and alarm system is needed. Properly installed and maintained, the automatic system with its fast response to incipient fire can be a significant factor in reducing the risk to life and limiting the damage to your property in the event of fire.

Should you decide that a fire alarm system is to be installed then it should conform to British Standard 5839: Part 1 – 2002. To ensure the highest quality of workmanship it is recommended that you use a fire alarm company that has been awarded an accreditation certificate from a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) Accredited Third Party Certification Body.

For more information regarding approved companies visit the following sites:-

BAFE – British Approvals for Fire Equipment

LPCB – Loss Prevention Certification Board

NSI – National Security Inspectorate

SSAIB – Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board

The following Public Advice Leaflet will help you learn more about Fire Alarm systems

Managing Fire Alarm Systems (103.33kb)