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Automatic Fire Alarms

Unfortunately, the very features provided by automatic fire detection and alarm systems can also produce unwanted signals arising from activities other than a real fire.

These can prove both costly to the fire service and to the building operator where evacuation of a building as a result of a false alarm signal can result in loss of production and general disruption of normal business activities.

Cost Recovery for Attendance to Persistent False Alarms

On Tuesday 1st April 2014, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service commenced charging to recover the costs associated with attending persistent false alarm calls generated by automatic fire alarm and fire detection systems.

The Service will be recovering costs for the fourth false alarm attended within a twelve month period and for all subsequent false alarm call outs. This will not apply to domestic properties but will apply to properties where the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to either all or part of the premises.

The charge is based on the current special service call rate for an ariel appliance based on 1 hour, details of these charges can be found here

Any calls made before 1st April 2014 will not be included in the cost recovery calculations.

To view relevant documentation regarding the policy, please use the following links;

Reduction of False Alarms Policy (FS-POL030)

Public Advice Note – Charges for Attendance – False Alarm Calls (FS-PAN051A)

Public Advice Note – Charges for Attendance – Information Related to Appeals (FS-PAN051B)

For further details please contact – Inspector False Alarms – 0113 387 5714