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Our ambition is to make West Yorkshire safer by providing an excellent Fire and Rescue Service working in partnership to reduce death, injury and economic loss and contribute to community well being.

One of our strategic priorities is to ensure the Authority’s statutory fire protection duties are discharged efficiently and effectively.

The economy has changed and continues to do so. Much of this change is driven by new information and communication technologies, a more mobile workforce and the consequent trend towards a global economy. These, and other influences, have an extremely wide range of effects relevant to fire safety. We must continue to seek new ways to help businesses through the economic downturn and demonstrate that good management of fire safety is a driver for competitiveness and not something that reduces it.

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Within assisting Business – we also provide Training including Fire Marshall, Fire Extinguisher and Residential Care courses.

Asbestos Reporting

Responsibilities In May 2004 new legislation came into effect that requires dutyholders to put in place arrangements to manage the risks posed by Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) that are present in…

Automatic Fire Alarms

Unfortunately, the very features provided by automatic fire detection and alarm systems can also produce unwanted signals arising from activities other than a real fire. These can prove both costly…

Building Regulations

Contact Details – Fire Engineering & Planning – 0113 387 4397 If you intend to carry out building work you will need to ensure any works comply with the Building…

Commercial Fire Alarms

Contact Details – Inspector – Fire Alarms 0113 387 5714 A risk assessment of your building may reveal that the installation of an automatic fire detection and alarm system is…

Environmental Enquiries

The West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Authority operate an Environmental Enquiry Service which allows customers to access valuable information about the potential presence of underground petroleum storage tanks data relevant…

Fire Protection Policy and Guidance

Our Policy and Guidance documents are reviewed regularly and are freely available for viewing. Contact Fire Protection 01274655720  

Fire Risk Assessments

For advice on Risk Assessments and Fire Safety – please contact the Enforcement Team on 0113 3875738. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 This regime of fire safety enforcement…

Petroleum and Explosives

Contact Details – Senior Inspector Petroleum & Explosives – 0113 387 5722 The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority is responsible for the enforcement of the following acts and regulations…


Contact Details: Fire Protection Enforcement Team – 0113 387 5738 Introduction The following information may be of use if you are a landlord or tenant of residential rented property: The…