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Get Started with Health & Fitness

If you’re aged between 16-25 then we’ve got an amazing opportunity just for you! Our first ever ‘Get Started with Health & Fitness’ course.

For further information and to book your place, contact or call 0800 842 842.



Our next Prince’s Trust course starts January 18th.

Please contact us on for more info & to book your place! 

Our Prince’s Trust Team is celebrating two years of delivering top programmes for young people across the county this week.

All of the work aims to make West Yorkshire safer both by challenging young people to change behaviours and providing essential safety experiences.

In the past 2 years our team has run six different team programmes, with 73 young people taking part.

Through the programme, young people have developed personal skills and qualities such as resilience and team work through a variety of activities and practical experiences.

This week we caught up with some of the young people who have been on our courses and found out what they’re doing now and how the course helped them to achieve their goals.


“Everything’s good…I literally can’t believe that time has flown by so quick. Some feedback from the programme and how much you helped me and how much the whole team helped me. First of all it’s just the simple part of everyone being able to bring me out of my comfort zone which was a massive step. Even just small things like the activities we did, that brought me so far out to people, as a new person in a way. And second of all, I’m not quite sure why I chose this one, but the whole programme inspired me to just be a kind person and have such a warm heart.

My favourite memory with everyone was maybe the residential trip. Like I actually miss all of it. It brought so many of us together!

After the programme I have gone on to do a Public Services course at Leeds City College and I’m trying my hardest to go down the path I want to go down (joining the police force).”


“So The Prince’s Trust was amazing, it helped me out loads. I’ve gone on to work in a school from primary level all the way through to high school. It’s a job that’s done me well so far. I’ve also gone on to open my own deli business opposite my old high school, a place I used to go when I was younger.

My best memory has to be when we went away on the residential and did a team game of lazer-tag in the woods. I was also king of the pool table 😊

I went on to apply for the West Yorkshire Fire service full-time but unfortunately was unsuccessful, but I am hopeful that I will get there at some point.

The best advice I was given was to be persistent and to carry on, never stop trying!”


“Being a part of Team 3 at The Prince’s Trust taught me a lot about myself, and gave me the opportunity to help turn a hobbie of mine into something I can make a career out of. In my experience working with the Prince’s Trust Team everyone was very supportive and willing to help at any turn. I got a lot of great advice and the chance of a lifetime to work with real photographers, thanks to both Ken at the fire service and a contact the Team Leader had at SazMedia in Manchester.

After Team I ended up doing some volunteering with SazMedia photography and even got a couple of jobs to do some wedding photography and baby photos.

My favourite memory was in the second week on residential we went canoeing and the amazing views and serene environment was brilliant. But the thing that made it most memorable was one of the team members falling in the water 😊.

Overall, I think that The Prince’s Trust helped me communicate my ideas better and gave me the chance to make my wildest dreams come true.”


“Working with Team helped me understand my weaknesses such as confidence and helped me gain that by working as a team and getting to know everyone throughout the programme. Working on my CV really helped as I had struggled to get the right words into place, but this helped me get a job working in retail thanks to the support of Charlie, Emily and the Fire Service. My best memory was residential and mastering all the outdoor activities.”


“Team helped with my confidence in a big way, it helped challenge me in things I never thought I would do, like climbing right to the top of Castleford fire station’s tower and going inside blind into a dark crawl space. This helped build my resilience and ability to do things you think you could never do.

The whole team of firefighters, Emily, Charlie and the others were amazing and always felt comfortable and pushed me in a positive way. Residential was also amazing to get to know the other young people better and was a great way to do it with all the activities.

By the end of Team I managed to share my story in front of a room full of people which at the start I never thought I would be able to do.

Thankyou to the whole team, it was the best experience I decided to do and wish I could do it all over again.”


“In my time with the Prince’s Trust my confidence grew a massive amount and I no don’t feel scared to approach new people like I used to. It gave me loads of new skills and I would recommend doing the programme.

I was unsure about it at first but now I am glad I did it. I’ve now got my dream job working with the elderly and I love it! It’s all because Emily and Charlie and the rest of the team taught me to believe in myself.

I know the programme is different now as we are in a global pandemic but the best part of team for me was the residential as it made us work as a team and I lacked a bit of that, but after having to work together to solve things it really did teach me that teamwork makes the dream work.”


“Hi everyone at Dewsbury fire station. I would like to thank you and everyone from The Prince’s Trust for everything you did for me during my time as part of one of your team members. It feels like just yesterday that I was just starting my first day of the 12 week programme and I would 100% recommend to anyone that would ask me if it was a good thing to do. The things we did and the people I met while part of the team has definitely helped changed me for the better and most importantly I would like to thank Charlie and the staff for the amazing job they did for me and all the other team members.”


“Since leaving the programme, everything has been going fine and I started University (living on campus at York) with no issues. The Prince’s Trust helped me a lot. I still tend to struggle with anxiety although I can deal with it better since joining, everyone was supportive too which made attending easier.

When it was over and I started Uni I managed to find a job quickly (at Waitrose) and The Prince’s Trust helped with that aswell. I wouldn’t say I have a favourite memory or piece of advice since most days were enjoyable and we were given plenty of useful guidance.”


“After Team I managed to get a job thanks to all the mock interviews Team helped me with and the confidence they helped me gain. The best memory I had was at the smokehouse when we were set tasks to rescue ‘Santa and his elves’ as it was a lot of fun”


“My most favourite time on team ,I must say this is a hard one as I had so many good times on team 1 from decorating the cafe which I drive past everyday and always mention how we transformed it, to breaking the car windows on the crash and burn course.

Also going off up to the middle of nowhere and climbing trees and crates, getting Jamie to think it was 15 crates when she didn’t want to step on any, but the best time on team has to be when we went to the smoke house and had to learn without our senses and find all the dummys.

Just a little update on how far I have got since coming on your course, I now have 3 jobs all down to my fancy cv that you helped me put together. thankyou, 🙂

I now work at sainsburys in Dewsbury doing online shopping, I go get all the online orders that come in. I still also work at Kirklees active leisure (sports center in batley). And I also have a job at dewsbury rams rugby club working in the bar, but those two are unfortunately shut due to this pandemic.

Update on the little green tin can (ford ka),
i now have a golf plus that is massive for me so I’m a lot safer on the roads👍so I would just like to thank you all and all your hard work that you put in!

The best advice given to me was to never give up.”




“Team was an amazing experience to be able to meet new people and watch my confidence grow as an individual. It pushed me to face my fears and push myself above what I thought was my own limit.”

Jamie went on to get employment in warehouse work and gained her forklift truck licence.

Our next Prince’s Trust course starts January 18th.

Please contact us on for more info & to book your place! 

The Prince’s Trust

The Prince’s Trust and West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service share many common objectives which impact on communities we serve. Our work together is guided by the values of social responsibility and inclusiveness.

We’re proud to continue our partnership with The Prince’s Trust to deliver a 12-week personal development programme for young people.

If you’re aged 16 to 25-years-old and are not in education, employment or training, then you’re eligible to work on the programme which teaches skills for life and employment.

The course is a challenging mix of team building activities, a community project, work placement, and group work.

You’ll get to see first-hand the roles and responsibilities of the fire service and will work to improve community safety.

Breakfast, lunch and bus fares are all provided and the programme runs Monday to Friday 9.30am to 15.30pm.

Individuals will gain new skills and qualifications, mix with new people and make new friends, get help with job-hunting and CV writing and most importantly a big boost to their confidence and a real sense of achievement.

Download our booklet here: Booklet



How is the project funded? 

The Prince’s Trust Team programme is part funded by the European Social Fund

Find more here: 









Can I apply?

If you’re aged between 16 – 25 and are not in education, employment or training, then you’re eligible to work on the programme.

How long does the programme last?

The course lasts for 12 weeks and runs Monday to Friday 9:30am – 3:30pm.

Where is the Prince's Trust Team Programme Held?

The team programme is based at Dewsbury Fire Station, Carlton Road, Dewsbury, WF13 2AT

What's included?

Breakfast, lunch and bus fares all provided.

What do you cover on the course?

The course is a challenging mix of team building activities, a community project, work placement and group work.

You’ll get to see first-hand the roles and responsibilities of the fire service and will work to improve community safety.

Do I need to be interested in the Fire Service?

No, participants don’t need to be particularly interested in the Fire Service.


If you’re interested in taking part then please contact us using the details below: