In emergencies call 999

Unfortunately, during periods of warm weather we tend to see more people entering canals and rivers to cool down and swim.

As appealing as this may seem there are many hidden dangers that have tragically taken lives and we would urge members of the public to think twice before entering due to the potential unseen hazards and risks.

Risks can include:

  • Cold water shock.
  • Submerged strainers, these are things that water can pass through but a person would get stuck such as tree branches, rubbish, even vehicles that may have been washed downstream. These may not be visible due to the depth or clarity of the water.
  • Undercurrents, even though it may appear to be still, static water on the surface, there could potentially be undercurrents that have the ability to pin individuals to the bottom of the riverbed.
  • Weirs are to be avoided at all costs. The biggest danger is at the bottom in the form of a ‘stopper.’ Here the recirculating current pulls you back towards the falls and pushes you under the water. In some cases, these are impossible to escape.
  • Contamination from unclean/unsafe water leading to illnesses or diseases