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Road Safety Week

18th November 2019 – 24th November 2019 is Road Safety Week 2019. 

You can find more information on Road Safety week, including interactive tools here.

Find our press releases supporting this years Road Safety week here & here

In support of this week, we’ve teamed up with other emergency services including West Yorkshire Police and Yorkshire Air Ambulance to offer a unique insight into the work of the emergency services when at the scene of a collision.

Every 20 minutes, someone is killed or seriously injured on a British road and each of these tragedies is preventable.

This Road Safety Week we want everyone to “Step up for Safe Streets” and learn about, shout about and celebrate the amazing design-led solutions that will allow us all to get around in safe and healthy ways, every day.

Safe journeys

Safe journeys happen when we design our road transport network so that human error doesn’t result in death or serious injury. This approach of safety by design is known as safe systems and the great news is that the solutions are known and available to us now! From safety technology in vehicles, to speed limits that reflect the safety of the roads, we can all step up to learn about, shout about and celebrate these proven solutions.

Healthy journeys

Healthy journeys are important to help keep us healthy, fit and happy. We need to make sure that choosing to walk or cycle doesn’t put us at increased risk and that the air we breathe on our journeys is clean. We know the solutions here too – we need policy-makers to step up and prioritise safe spaces for travel on foot and by bike and ensure that the vehicles that remain on our roads use ultra-low emission technology.

Step up

We can all step up and play a part in the celebration of safe system solutions and the creation of a safe and healthy future:

  • Individuals can step up by pledging to use roads safely, minimise vehicle use and shout out for safe system solutions.
  • Schools can help young people step up and learn how to create a safe and healthy future and shout out for change.
  • Organisations can step up their policies and procedures to ensure they choose safe systems solutions.
  • Emergency service professionals can step up to highlight their vital role in helping keep us safe.
  • Policy-makers can step up by developing and mandating safe systems solutions.

Every death or serious injury on our roads is a tragedy and each one is preventable. Step up for Safe Streets and do your bit for a safe and healthy future.

No Need to Speed

The Morning After Calculator 

Use the calculator below, courtesy of the Morning After drink-drive campaign, to find out roughly how long it can take to sober up from different amounts of alcohol. – Here.

Please note, this calculator is not intended to help you work out how much you can drink on a night out before driving home. If you are drinking even one alcoholic drink, you should leave the car at home and make alternative arrangements.

Thank you & feel free to support the campaign using @brakecharity #RoadSafetyWeek and #StepUp on social media.