In emergencies call 999

Preparing for Emergencies

In an emergency dial 999

When you dial 999 the first person you will hear is the Emergency Telephone Operator, who will ask you which service you need.

If you ask for the Fire Service you will be connected to the Fire Brigade Operator and you will hear the telephone number you are calling from being repeated.


The Fire Brigade Operator will want to know a number of things:

1. The name and number of the house or building if relevant.

2. The road or street name.

3. The town or village name.

4. The nature of the incident:- Fire; Road Traffic Accident etc.

5. If the incident is in the open you may be asked for other information such as landmarks.

Do Not Panic

The operators are highly trained and will guide you calmly through the process.


Fire safety in your home and at work

To minimise the risk from fire in your home and place of work visit the Your Safety, Home and Work pages. West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service offer advice on escape plans and fire alarms, along with other good advice on what to do if a fire breaks out in your home.