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NHS worker rescues elderly lady from house fire!

NHS worker Rosemary Othick receives commendation from Assistant District Commander Tony Head for her quick-thinking actions to save elderly woman from house fire. Stanningly crews also in picture.

A Clinical Assistant has been commended by the fire service for her quick-thinking actions which saved an elderly woman’s life.

Rosemary Othick, who is an Intermediate Care Clinical Assistant working for Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, was on a visit to the occupant of a house in Swinnow Crescent, Stanningley.

Alarm bells started to ring when she arrived to find the front door slightly ajar and the smell of smoke from inside the house. Her training kicked it and Rosemary entered the house calling for the occupant and found the lady collapsed on the lounge floor.

She saw smoke coming from the kitchen so closed the kitchen door and began rescuing the lady.

Rosemary reached the front door, called the fire service and spoke to Watch Manager Alison Holdsworth who provided her with expert fire survival guidance, keeping Rosemary calm until the crews arrived to deal with the fire.

Stanningley Fire Station Green Watch arrived and quickly extinguished the blaze, which was believed to have started when some combustible materials were accidentally left or were being dried on a cooker.

The elderly occupant briefly went to hospital following the incident, which happened on October 3.

Assistant District Commander, Tony Head, presented Rosemary with an Area Manager’s Commendation for her cool-headed response.  

Rosemary received her award and enjoyed meeting Stanningley Green Watch and being shown round the station and the fire engine.

Watch Manager Alan Holdsworth said: “Rosemary did a fantastic job, taking a calculated risk to rescue the occupant, undoubtedly saving her life”.

Rosemary added: “My training kicked in and I just acted, closing the doors to hold back the smoke so I could rescue the occupant. Alison’s guidance was invaluable and reassuring in what was a very challenging situation.”