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Fire service issues warning after disposable barbecue causes devastating fire

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) attended an incident in Bradford yesterday (June 28) after a discarded disposable BBQ caused a devastating fire.

At 22:56 hrs fire engines from Bradford and Stanningley rushed to the property on Wenborough Lane, Holmewood, where a fire had started in a wheelie bin after a disposable BBQ had been thrown away before being completely extinguished.

The fire engulfed the wheelie bin and spread to the porch in which it was contained.

The building comprised of two storeys, each one being a flat.

The occupants of the first floor flat had their windows open due to the hot weather, allowing the fire to travel quickly through their home.

The two residents in the upstairs flat managed to jump from the first floor living room window. Both suffered from smoke inhalation and were taken to hospital to be checked over.

It’s believed the occupant from the ground floor flat was rescued by neighbours and properties either side suffered smoke logging.

Fire Investigation Officers attended the scene and confirmed the fire was started by the disposable BBQ.

Fire Investigation Officer, Watch Manager Jamie Lister said: “This incident shows how vital it is to ensure that your BBQ is completely out before putting it away or disposing of it (if it’s disposable).

“The first floor flat has been has been completely destroyed and the ground floor flat badly damaged.

“The fire has spread incredibly quickly.

“Luckily the fire didn’t spread to neighbouring properties and all the occupants managed to escape with their lives.

“Never place barbecues in a bin even if they appear cold. Always give them a thorough soak in water before disposal.”

With the hot sunny weather showing no signs of abating West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is keen that the general public takes care if they are planning on having a barbecue.

Jamie added: “Please do take care this weekend if you are having a barbecue. Barbecues are great fun and we hope everyone enjoys the lovely weather we are having but please take a moment to consider our safety advice.”


Please follow our general BBQ safety tips which we issue each Summer.

  • Enjoy yourself, but don’t drink too much alcohol if you are in charge of the barbecue or any cooking!
  • Keep a bucket of water, sand or a garden hose nearby for emergencies.
  • Follow the safety instructions provided with disposable barbecues.
  • Never use petrol or paraffin to start or revive your barbecue; use only recognised lighters.
  • Never leave a barbecue or any cooking unattended.
  • Make sure your barbecue is well away from sheds, fences, trees, shrubs or garden waste.
  • Empty ashes onto bare garden soil, not into dustbins or wheelie bins. If they’re hot, they can melt the plastic and start a fire.