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Fire crew attacked in Bradford yesterday evening leading to fresh condemnation from Chiefs

Firefighters who were called to deal with a rubbish fire on a green area in Warrenton Place, Bradford, yesterday evening, had a glass bottle thrown at them and a brick was hurled at the fire engine.

A crew from Bradford Fire Station was called to deal with a rubbish fire in the open after the Control Room received a call at 17.45 hrs on (08/01/18).

The firefighters put out the fire and proceeded to put equipment back on the fire engine, preparing to leave.

Firefighter John Mellor, who has worked at Bradford Fire Station since 1993, was on shift and was winding up the hose.

He said: “I was bent down when a large bottle came across and smashed on the ground in front of me.

“A brick hit the fire engine windscreen and two youths ran off.

“Fortunately I was not hurt and the fire engine was not damaged but I realise I was lucky. It’s a real shame that firefighters have to face this kind of aggressive behaviour when they are simply trying to help keep communities safe.”

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is running an ongoing campaign called More Than a Uniform to put across the message that attacks on firefighters are completely unacceptable and must stop.

The campaign focused on the Bonfire period, however, attacks on crews continued in December.

Fire Chiefs and Police also signed a pledge to do everything possible to stop these kind of mindless attacks.

Chief Fire Officer John Roberts said: “Any attack on firefighters, or indeed any emergency service personnel, is completely deplorable and I find it frustrating that we are now starting the New Year with continued attacks on our crews.

“We strenuously support the Protect the Protectors bill going through parliament which we hope will see harsher penalties brought in for attacks on emergency service personnel. We anticipate this will become statute later this year which will hopefully act as a deterrent for this kind of mindless behaviour.”

Chief Inspector Paula Bickerdike, of Bradford District Police, said:

“Police are aware of the incident and will be speaking with the fire service with a view to making further enquiries.”