In emergencies call 999

Emergency Services Work Alongside Train Operators To Avert Potential Tragedy In Shipley

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) received an emergency call to a car that had come to rest on its roof on the railway line between Saltaire and Shipley, having rolled down an embankment.

The fire service Control Room received the call at 9.11am today and, anticipating the potential for a major disaster, immediately informed Network Rail for the trains to be stopped, whilst the initial 999 caller was still on the line.

Meanwhile, Shipley and Bingley crews were also mobilised to the nearest roadway, Saltaire Road, Shipley.

Watch Commander Jav Khan, from Shipley White Watch, who was first on the scene, said: “On arrival at the scene my initial concern was that there might have been someone still in the car.

“However, fortunately the male occupant had managed to clamber out and up the embankment.”

WC Khan checked with the Control Room that Network Rail had stopped the trains and also sent firefighters up and down the line just in case a train was approaching and needed to be warned.

WC Khan said: “If a train had hit that car it would have been a major incident with potentially catastrophic consequences if it had derailed.

“This is the first incident of this type that I have been to and I have been in the fire service for eight years.

“This man has had a very lucky escape.”

Watch Manager Julie Carter, who works in the Control Room, added: “Fortunately the swift actions of the fire service and Network Rail have averted a potential disaster. We’re just pleased that this incident has ended without tragedy.”

The casualty was treated by Yorkshire Ambulance Service at the scene before being taken to hospital, although his injuries are not thought to be serious.

Firefighters worked alongside Network Rail engineers and the British Transport Police to make the scene safe and remove the vehicle from the line. Firefighters were at the scene until 11am.