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Emergency services join with community leaders to make a stand against attacks on firefighters

West Yorkshire Police (WYP) and West Yorkshire Fire Service (WYFRS) met with local councilors today at Keighley Fire Station following a string of reckless attacks on firefighters last night.

The fire service issued a press release rounding up the incidents, which can be read on our website here.

The police and fire service will be collaborating to investigate these incidents and hold those responsible to account.

Inspector Sue Sanderson, who leads the Keighley Area Neighbourhood Team, said:

“At 10.40pm on Wednesday, 5 November, police received a request from the fire service to temporarily relocate two engines from Bradford Road, Keighley to the police station in Royd Ings Avenue due to a disturbance at the station site.

“Officers helped to facilitate this request and attended to secure the building.

“The crews returned to their station shortly after midnight and there was no further disruption reported at the Bradford Road site.

“Police are working alongside the Fire Service to identify those involved in this disturbance and will use whatever legislation is available to bring them to account for their actions.”

Area Manager for Fire Safety Ian Bitcon said: “We will be doing everything within our power to help the police in order to hold those responsible to account.

“We will be providing police with our silent witness footage, which is installed on all fire engines.” 

Keighley Councillor Kaneez Akthar, who is a member of the Fire Authority, said : “I was saddened to hear of the reckless and thoughtless behaviour of some of our young people towards the fire crew teams attending emergency calls during last night bonfire festivities.

“The crews should be commended on their courage and determination to carry on amidst such intimidating and reckless behaviour from a minority of young people. I am aware local police teams attended to assist and support the fire crews in carrying out their duties.

“It is reassuring that our local police teams are working closely with the fire service team to identify and arrest the persons involved in the disorder last night and I would urge anyone with information regarding the identity of persons involved to contact the local police.”