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Members Allowances

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Member Allowances Outturn – April 2017 to 31 March 2018

Allowance type                                     Amount 2018/2019
Basic allowance

Special Responsibilty Allowances

Special responsibility Amount 2018/2019
Authority Chair 19425.00
Authority Deputy Chair 9713.00
Committee Chairs
Community Safety 3886.00
Finance and Resources 3886.00
Human Resources 3886.00
Audit Committee 3886.00
Executive Committee
Committee Deputy Chairs
Community Safety  971.00
Finance and Resources 971.00
Human Resources 971.00
Audit Committee 971.00
Executive Committee
Majority party whip
Constituent party spokesperson 0.00
Opposition Party Allowances
Major Party leader 3886.00
Minor Party Leader 971.00
Standards Committee
Co-opted Member Allowance not applicable
Co-opted Member Allowance Chairman not applicable
Daily Rate (Code of Conduct Hearings) not applicable
Basic Allowance
Special Responsibility Allowance
TOTAL COST 130885.00