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Audit Committee

Delegated Powers

To consider and / or determine matters relating to the following:

  • Consider Chief Finance Officer’s annual report, opinion and summary of internal audit activity and assurance over the Authority’s corporate governance arrangements
  • Consider;
    • specific internal audit reports
    • management and performance reports of internal audit services
    • internal audit report and associated recommendations
    • external auditor’s annual letter and reports and related matters
    • scope and depth of external audit work
    • corporate governance arrangements
    • compliance with Authority or other published standards and controls
  • Maintain an overview of the Authority’s constitution in respect of Contract procedure rules, financial regulations and Codes of Conduct
  • To review any issue referred to by Chief Executive or Director
  • To monitor effective development and operation of risk management and corporate governance
  • To monitor Authority’s anti-fraud and anti-corruption strategies
  • Recommend the adoption of the statement of Internal Control
  • To review annual Statement of Accounts
  • Make recommendations as appropriate about service performance issues and the efficient use of resources
  • To consider and determine all matters relating to the powers, duties and responsibilities of the Authority in its capacity as designated Best Value Authority


Chair: Cllr Karen Renshaw

Vice Chair: Cllr John Illingworth


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Meetings – Agendas and Minutes

Meeting 30 July 2021

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority

Meeting of the Audit Committee to be held on Friday 30 July 2021 at 10.30 a.m in the Function Room at FSHQ.




1     Minutes of last meeting held on 23 April 2021


2     Matters arising


3     Urgent items

To determine whether there are any additional items of business which, by reasons of special circumstance, the Chair believes should be considered at the meeting.

4     Admission of the public

The Committee is asked to consider whether, by resolution, to exclude the public from the meeting during the items of business marked with ‘E’ reference, because of the possibility of the disclosure of exempt information.

5     Declarations of interest

To consider any declarations of disclosable pecuniary interest in relation to any item of business on the agenda.

For noting


6     Internal Audit quarterly report

Link to report


7     Risk Management Strategy group update

Link to report



Agenda PDF Version
Reports PDF Version

Meeting 30 September 2021

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority

Meeting of the Audit Committee to be held on Thursday 30 September 2021 at 10.30 a.m.

Meeting 22 October 2021

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority

Meeting of the Audit Committee to be held on Friday 22 October 2021 at 10.30 a.m.

Meeting 28 January 2022

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority

Meeting of the Audit Committee to be held on Friday 28 January 2022 at 10.30 a.m.

Meeting 22 April 2022

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority

Meeting of the Audit Committee to be held on Friday 22 April 2022 at 10.30 a.m.

Meetings Archive

This page contains links to the Agendas and Minutes of the Audit Committee meetings from previous years:


31 July 2020  Agenda Reports  Minutes

23 October 2020  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

29 January 2021  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

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26 July 2019  Agenda Reports  Minutes

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27 July 2018  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

19 October 2018  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

8 February 2019  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

26 April 2019  Agenda  Reports  Minutes


28 July 2017  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

15 September 2017  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

2 February 2018  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

27 April 2018  Agenda  Reports  Minutes


29 July 2016  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

16 September 2016 Agenda  Reports  Minutes

3 February 2017  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

28 April 2017  Agenda  Reports  Minutes


18 September 2015  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

5 February 2016  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

15 April 2016  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

23 June 2016 – Meeting Cancelled



19 September 2014 Agenda Reports Minutes

28 November 2014 Agenda Reports Minutes

6 February 2015 Agenda Reports Minutes

17 April 2015 Agenda Reports Minutes

25 June 2015 – Meeting Cancelled


20 September 2013 Agenda (206.34kb) Reports (3845.49kb) Minutes (73.29kb)

31 January 2014 Agenda (67.45kb) Reports (606.7kb) Minutes (77.85kb)

11 April 2014 Agenda (89.2kb) Reports (2161.77kb) Minutes (231.63kb)

26 June 2014 Agenda (131.55kb) Reports (1325.14kb) Minutes (229.11kb)


14 September 2012 Agenda (115.29kb) Reports (1980.21kbMinutes (148.66kb)

1 February 2013 Agenda (113.74kb) Reports (1938.65kb) Minutes (19.32kb)

19 April 2013 Agenda (62.61kb) Reports (598.7kb) Minutes (20.9kb)

27 June 2013 Agenda (63.27kb) Reports (909.49kb) Minutes (140.58kb)


30 September 2011 Agenda (64.49kb) Reports (3418.28kb) Minutes (130.97kb)

3 February 2012 Agenda (63.79kb) Reports (2015.34kb) Minutes (136.65kb)

20 April 2012 Agenda (64.42kb) Reports (4037.52kb) Minutes (154.38kb)

28 June 2012 Agenda (60.57kb) Reports (1435.96kb) Minutes (124.77kb)


10 September 2010 Agenda (12.83kb) Reports (1174.54kb) Minutes (25.79kb)

4 February 2011 Agenda (11.77kb) Reports (2079.6kb) Minutes (20.27kb)

15 April 2011 Agenda (11.65kb) Reports (663.92kb) Minutes (14.35kb)

30 June 2011 Agenda (13.67kb) Reports (1726.63kb) Minutes (18.94kb)


18 Sep 2009 Agenda and Minutes (25.24kb)

23 Oct 2009 Agenda and Minutes (21.06kb)

22 Jan 2010 Agenda and Minutes (21.8kb)

19 Mar 2010 Agenda and Minutes (29.61kb)

18 Jun 2010 Agenda and Minutes (34.67kb)