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Rewards and Benefits

There are many good reasons why working for West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service makes sense. As well as the more obvious ones such as job satisfaction, competitive pay and great terms and conditions, there are also lots of other benefits which make us an employer of choice.  We’ve listed a few below:

Health and Wellbeing

  • Access to a full range of Occupational Health services

The in-house service provides a full range of services to staff including pre-employment screening, health surveillance and advice and support on general health & wellbeing issues.

  • 3 yearly nurse led health screening

These are mandatory for operational staff to ensure you are fit & healthy to perform the role, and voluntary for support staff.

  • 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme

This service is available 24/7 and provides a psychological support and counselling service.  It includes telephone, online and face to face counselling, advice about work or non work issues, medical advice along with a website with useful resources.  The service is also available to family members (conditions apply).

  • Physiotherapy referral service

Confidential referrals are made via Occupational Health to an external physiotherapy provider, who have clinics across West Yorkshire.  Referrals are for acute injuries, whether caused in or outside of work and referrals are usually made within 24 hr.

  • Use of onsite gym facilities.

Every fire station and headquarters have a fully equipped gym which is free to use.  Most workplaces have qualified Fitness Advisors who can advise of diet, exercise and nutrition.

  •  Safe & healthy workplaces with support from the central Health & Safety Team.

We pride ourselves on providing safe & healthy workplaces, which are inspected and maintained to a high standard.  A central health & safety team provides support to local workplaces to ensure these standards are maintained.

  • Cycle to work Scheme

This scheme allows you to buy a bike using salary sacrifice, saving on tax and national insurance payments

Home and Family

  1. Minimum of 20 days leave plus statutory holidays
    • Holiday entitlement is dependent on your role.  There are also additional days leave entitlement when you have worked for us for 5 years.
  2. Opportunity for flexible working subject to role
    • There are a number of shift patterns which operational staff work.  Support staff also work a flexi scheme, which allows flexible working around core hours.
  3. Access to childcare salary sacrifice scheme
    • This scheme allows staff to pay for childcare using a salary sacrifice scheme, which can reduce your tax liabilities, therefore reducing the cost of your childcare.
  4. Provision for paid/unpaid special leave
    • We realise sometimes in life, emergencies crop up which you may need to take some time off work to deal with.  Special leave allows for such eventualities and may be paid or unpaid depending on the circumstances.
  5. Generous maternity, paternity and adoption leave
    • 9 months paid maternity/adoption leave comprising 6 weeks at 9/10ths pay plus 33 weeks at half pay plus Statutory Maternity Pay. 2 weeks paid paternity leave comprising of one week full pay and the second week at Statutory Paternity Pay.
  6. Career break options
    • Career breaks (unpaid) of up to 12 months are available to all staff.

Training and Development

  1. Comprehensive induction programme for all new staff
    • To make sure you settle in and feel welcome, you will receive a comprehensive induction into the organisation, including an introduction to the main departments and their roles.
  2. Training and Development framework to ensure staff are supported in role
    • We have a Training & Development framework which ensures that you receive the right training you need to perform your role.  These are over and above your role specific training and include such things as health & safety, first aid, diversity, management development and teaching awards.
  3. Annual appraisal
    • We think it’s important that everyone has an appraisal.  This is the opportunity to not only review your performance but also to discuss any learning or development opportunities to enable you to develop yourself or your role.
  4. Promotion opportunities following a structured promotion process (operational staff)
    • For those of you who want to progress, there is a clear promotion pathway within the operational service, which follows an annual assessment and promotion process.


  1. Variety of roles with secondment opportunities
    • When you think of the Fire Service, you probably think “Firefighter” however there are lots of other roles within the Service, who support them.  These include Fire Protection, Fire Prevention, Finance, Human Resources Data Team and many more.  Secondment opportunities are also available.
  2. Access to occupational pension schemes with excellent benefits and generous employer contributions
    Feature / Benefit Pension Schemes
    Scheme Section LGPS 2014 FF 2015 CARE Scheme
    Member Contributions 5.5% – 12.5% (depending on rate of pensionable pay) 10% – 14.5% (depending on rate of pensionable pay)
    Pension A career average pension worth 1/49th of annual pensionable pay A career average pension worth 1/59.7th of annual pensionable pay
    Retirement Lump Sum Can commute up to 25% of your pension Can commute up to 25% of your pension
    Normal Retirement Age Linked to state pension age (minimum age 65) Age 60
    Death in Membership Lump Sum equal to 3 x pensionable pay at date of death equal to 3 x pensionable pay at date of death


  3. Generous sick pay provision
    • These are set nationally and are dependent on your role.  Operational staff benefit from six months full and six months half pay.  Support staff also benefit from six months full and six months half, however this is dependent on length of service.
  4. Free onsite parking
  5. Access to a variety of benefits & discount schemes
    • There are various benefits and rewards which are available to staff.  Some are part of national “blue light” schemes; others are locally negotiated.
  6. Access to the Sports and Social Club
    • Being a member of the Sports & Social Club brings lots of benefits.  You can join numerous clubs such as cycling, climbing & mountaineering, sailing or fishing if you fancy taking it easy.  There are also rewards and benefits linked to club membership.
  7. Firefighters Charity support available to all staff, including family
    • The Firefighters Charity are a national charity who provide support & rehabilitation in times of need, for all members of the Fire Service, retired staff but also their families.  You don’t have to be a firefighter to access the charity.
  8. Long service award scheme
    • Because we are a good employer and look after our staff, they tend to stay with us for a long time.  To recognise their hard work and dedication, we run a long service award scheme.   Watched by their friends and family, staff with 20 years’ service are presented with their long service medal and certificate at an annual presentation ceremony.
  9. High levels of job satisfaction and  respect within the community
    • Our staff are proud of the job they do and the service we provide.  Irrespective of your role, we are all part of the team who help our community when they need us most, and that’s really rewarding.