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My first posting

Author: Dave Walton

Author: Dave Walton

I’ve chosen to start a blog to try and help develop the way that I communicate with you. My key audience will be members of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, though by publishing openly and linking to my blog through my Twitter account my words will be available for all to read and comment upon – and thats fine, in fact I welcome it. Twitter is fantastic, but sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough!

There is a lot going on in the Fire & Rescue Service at the moment (isn’t there always) and its really easy to lose sight of the positive things that we do, and the positive effects we have on lives across West Yorkshire. I read an article a few weeks ago about the culture of the UK FRS, it was discussing why many conversations often end up being ‘glass half empty’ in their nature. The article suggested that your average firefighter is always looking to do things better in a search to be the best at what they do, and when things get in the way of that a negative feeling develops. The service that we deliver is an excellent one, and we are high performers. We will always look to be better, and if we need to look hard at ourselves in order to make things better then thats fine, but lets not lose sight of all of the positive things that we do to make peoples lives better.

Every time I visit a station, or talk to any members of staff – either individually or as a group, the conversation is invariably positive overall,  and whilst often we challenge each other I think that we all leave that conversation better informed.I’m trying to recreate that opportunity with a wider range of people. Its simply not possible to meet with everyone on a frequent basis.

I’ll try and blog as frequently as I can. I’ve ideas in mind to blog about what is topical in the FRS, both locally and nationally, and also to write about some of the ongoing change that is happening within our service. I’m also happy for readers of my blog to suggest topics too.

I’ve been around social media for a while now, and this is just another version. I’ve learnt a lot, and experienced a lot too. I’m more than aware that not everyone will want to use the opportunity that my blog presents in the way that I would hope to. My intention is to do something that is of interest and of use to as many people as possible, if a few take offence or hijack the opportunity then I’ll deal with that as it happens. As I write this paragraph its sad that I even feel the need to do so, but I only want to do it once, and now that its done I’ll get on with what I intend to do.

Part of the reason for this first post is to ensure that I’ve grasped the technology behind writing a blog. I’m shortly to click on the ‘publish’ button, if all goes well my first ‘proper’ post will appear soon!

4 comments on “My first posting

  1. Dave, I think this is the right time to start this off, Can I suggest a blog about the technical aspects of the response side of the fire service. Rope, water, dogs, USAR, hot cutting, heavy lifting, wide area floods, powered boats and wild fire units. So much that the general public are unaware of.

    1. Excellent idea. That’s exactly the sort of thing I had in mind. I’ll have a think about how I might blog about this from a different perspective to make it interesting. It’s a really important capability for the FRS that all too often means the difference between life and death for the public.

  2. Good introductory post, Dave. I’m not a member of the Fire and Rescue Service, nor do I work in that sector – housing is my thing – but it’s always good to learn about different things, and I can tell by the way you write you have a lot of passion for the FRS. Also, I now know what ‘FRS’ stands for – I’m learning already!

    Will be interested to read your next instalment. Welcome to the world of blogging!

  3. Great intro Dave well done, very much like your engaging and open style. I’m minded to do something similar as I totally agree with your ‘glass half empty’ analogy and believe we should never lose sight of the enormous positive impact the FRS has on society. I will probably pitch mine around some of the FRS work but also focus on the sinergies of multi-agency working in today’s public sector world of reducing resources and constraints. New challenges also present new opportunities, just need to work out how to set up a blog now!

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