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Technical Services

Technical Services comprises of the Logistics function and the Property Management Unit.

Property Management Unit Documents


The Logistics department incorporates the Fleet, Transport and Stores functions:



This function is responsible for the procurement and administration of the full fleet of operational fire appliances, Fire Officers lease cars, all ancillary vehicles, small plant equipment, ladders and operational equipment. The team also manages the lease car scheme, accident repairs, new appliance allocation and fleet disposals.



The Transport department has the responsibility for ensuring that the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service fleet of fire appliances and operational equipment are repaired and maintained to a high standard. This involves supporting the operational service with repairs and maintenance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Transport team also commissions new appliances for the Service and carries out conversion and modification work to the existing fleet.



The Stores Department is responsible for providing the storage and distribution of operational equipment, uniforms, consumables and a whole variety of goods used by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Deliveries are co-ordinated from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters, Birkenshaw and made across the West Yorkshire area to all fire stations and departments.

Property Management Unit

The Property Management Unit is a specialist, dedicated professional estates and property management team responsible for the co-ordination of strategic and day-to-day processes for the replacement, refurbishment, alteration, repair and maintenance of all property owned by the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Authority.

The department procures and manages major strategic new build projects which involve detailed consultation with key stakeholders, the appointment of a variety of project managers, architects and engineers etc. and the subsequent implementation by contractors. Wherever possible, new build and refurbishment projects incorporate environmental performance improvement measures to minimise the use of the world’s natural energy resources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The department also manages the appointment of specialist contractors to refurbish, maintain and service all property assets and facilities to ensure their cost effective and efficient operation in support of all fire authority activities and services. The responsibilities are wide reaching and include external and internal fabric, ground maintenance and various building services and facilities for heating, electrical, fire detection and security.

On a day to day basis the property management unit provides a dynamic front line service to pro-actively manage necessary works and instigate responsive repairs throughout West Yorkshire.

Located at the fire service headquarters, Birkenshaw, are a dedicated caretaking/maintenance team. This team undertakes general caretaker duties, replacement of consumables in welfare facilities, minor maintenance/repairs and assists with site security and recycling processes.

Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos Surveys for West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service estate can be accessed via the link below. This link is to an external website that requires a user name and password to access the content. This access will only be granted to authorised contractors and agencies. To receive the relevant access details please contact the Property Managment Unit.