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Corporate Services

Corporate Services provides professional, technical and administrative services in support of the Authority’s activities and ensures that ‘Best Value’ principles are developed in order to ensure high quality and cost effective services are delivered to the community.

The department is committed to the continual development and improvement of the strategic, service planning and best value processes and ensuring that future plans are flexible, achievable, user friendly and focused on the needs of the community we serve.

Corporate Services covers three specific areas of responsibility: Corporate Planning, Information Management and Performance.

Corporate Planning

The function of the team is to develop and administrate the Authority’s planning, risk management and business continuity programmes, providing advice on corporate initiatives to ensure that the Authority complies with current and future legislation including the development of policies and procedures associated with the work of Corporate Services.

Providing guidance for departments and stations in the development and implementation of action plans in accordance with the overall strategic plan is an important part of the role, in addition to providing a Business Continuity Recovery Plan ensuring conformity to statutory and regulatory duties.

Information Management

The function of the team is to develop, implement and maintain the Authority’s Information Governance Strategy and Policy including the development of policies and procedures covering all aspects of information creation, publication, retention and storage, ensuring compliance with information related legislation.

The team also ensures a modern and accessible corporate presence on the internet supporting the vision and aims of the Authority in delivering e-government services, having regard to relevant standards for access and provides guidance to departments within the Authority on managing information.


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Performance Management

The function of the team is to develop and administrate the Authority’s performance management systems including the development of strategic policies, plans and performance initiatives and other corporate functions which will facilitate the effective implementation of corporate performance improvement, review mechanisms and corporate quality.

The team provides strategic advice and information on issues relating to performance, best value and other improvement and quality initiatives.

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Reception Services

Reception staff are responsible for operating the non-emergency telephone switchboard, welcoming and registering visitors to Fire Service Headquarters and operating the security barrier on site.


Registry provides the postal services to the Brigade via a central sorting office at Fire Service Headquarters and organises the mail to go out to all the West Yorkshire fire stations and to the Service Delivery Centre.


The Reprographics unit provides a comprehensive colour and black/white printing and reproduction service to the Brigade. In addition to the standard reprographic services, the section has facilities for binding documents and producing booklets in a variety of sizes.

Corporate Services Policies