In emergencies call 999

Strategic Priorities

This plan sets out how we aim to use our resources to manage the risks we face in West Yorkshire and keep you safe from fire and other emergencies.

“Our priority is to keep you safe from fire and other emergencies”


We will reduce the risks to the communities of West Yorkshire

We will continue to develop ways of working which improve the safety and effectiveness of our firefighters

We will actively look for opportunities to implement learning from the Grenfell Inquiry to improve how we respond to high rise emergencies and other foreseeable risks

We will use the HMICFRS assessment of ‘Good’ in all areas as a foundation to implement our improvement action plan with the aim of delivering an outstanding service

We will be innovative and work smarter throughout the service

We will invest in information and communication technology, digital and data, to deliver our service in smarter ways

We will work efficiently to provide value for money and make the best use of reserves to provide an effective service

We will continue working towards delivering a more inclusive workforce, which reflects and serves the needs of the diverse communities of West Yorkshire

We will support, develop and enable our people to be at their best

We will promote environmentally friendly ways of working, reduce waste and raise awareness among staff to both fight climate change and respond more effectively to incidents driven by extreme weather events

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