In emergencies call 999

Strategic Priorities

We have set four strategic priorities for 2015-2020 to deliver our ambition. These priorities assist us to set objectives to manage performance and direct resources where they are most needed.


Deliver a proactive community safety programme

We will:

  • Ensure the authority’s statutory fire protection duties are discharged efficiently and effectively in order to reduce the risk of fire and the effects of fire should it occur
  • Work with partners to reduce the risk of fires, road traffic incidents, other emergencies and enhance community well-being

Deliver a professional and resilient emergency response service

We will:

  • Work with blue-light partners and other agencies to provide a safe and effective emergency response
  • Ensure emergency response is dynamic and resilient reflecting changes to the level of risk and demand
  • Continuously improve our emergency response by learning from ours and others experiences

Provide a safe skilled workforce that serves the needs of a diverse community

We will:

  • Promote the health, safety and well-being of all employees
  • Provide training and development to maintain a skilled and flexible workforce
  • Create an environment that enables our staff to develop and embrace organisational and cultural change

Provide effective and ethical governance and achieve value for money

We will:

  • Provide buildings, vehicles, equipment and technology that is fit for purpose to maximise organisational effectiveness
  • Provide effective systems of control, performance and assurance to ensure the service operates efficiently
  • Demonstrate transparent and accountable decision making throughout the organisation
  • Identify and implement strategic change to reflect the economic environment

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