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Financial services within the Fire Authority are the responsibility of the Chief Finance and Procurement Officer and the Finance Team who are situated in Oakroyd Hall. The actual provision of the service is split with the majority of the services provided in house and certain specialist services provided by Kirklees Metropolitan Council under a service level agreement

Our Resources

Listed below is a summary of our resources which is correct as at the end of August 2018. Further details of these resources can be found in the relevant sections of this website particularly the Your Area section that will give you an insight into how our resources are deployed across the county.

  • 40 Fire Stations
  • 65 Fire Engines
  • 14 Specialist Appliances
  • 2 Command Units
  • Training Centre
  • Fire Service Headquarters
  • Service Delivery Centre

What Does The Service Cost?

In common with other public services, the fire service is facing major cuts in funding over the next four years which will result in major changes in the way the service is provided. It is likely therefore, that the cost of the service will reduce significantly over the period covered by the service plan.

The tables below highlight the current costs for providing the service and where that money comes from.


Current Budget 2019/20

Item Cost
Service Delivery 54.919
Service Support 15.953
Employment Services 7.699
Legal, Governance and Finance 6.245
Contingency for pay and inflation 0.361
Totals 85.147









How is the Service Paid For

Source of Funding Amount
Grants from central government 34.802
Council tax precept 42.157
Local business rates 8.184
Revenue Balances 0.004
Totals 85.147








Cost of the fire service to a council tax band D household in West Yorkshire is £64.59 per year.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Reserves Strategy

Capital Investment

The table below provides details of the Authority’s investment in major capital schemes such as major building works and purchase of fire appliances.

Unlike revenue expenditure, which is mostly funded through grant, this is funded through borrowing with only a small proportion funded through central government grants.

Capital Investment 2019/20

Item Amount
Property 1.680
Information, Communications and Technology 1.695
Vehicle replacement 0.949
Operational equipment 1.757
Smoke Alarms 0.500
Total 6.581



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