Youth Training

Young Firefighters

Why Youth Training?

Deliberate fires are a major concern to West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. These fires are often associated with anti-social behaviour engaged in by individuals under the age of 18; some of whom are excluded from mainstream education. Added to this issue is the number of young people who die, are injured or cause road traffic collisions on our roads.

What do we do?

Young Fire Fighters Scheme

The target audience for the full scheme is young people attending formal education aged between 14 and 16 who have been identified as being able to benefit from a practical element to their learning that takes place outside the traditional school environment.

Upon successful completion of a one or two year course the students achieve a BTEC Level Two Award, Certificate or Diploma in Fire and Rescue Services in the Community, in partnership with Edexcel.

In addition, several short courses take place at the request of partner agencies and are tailored to the needs of particular groups such as:

  • Personalised learning for students with various learning needs.
  • Young people in transition to foster homes and young people attending Pupil Referral Units.
  • Courses in conjunction with the Police who also provide input on gun and knife crime and the effects on the community.

Young Peoples Fire Safety

We work across West Yorkshire with partner agencies such as the Youth Offending Service, Police, Prison Service and Probation Service to reduce the arson recidivism and vehicle crime rates.

We work with partner agencies to deliver educational programmes on arson and vehicle crime to individuals who are directly responsible for lighting fires deliberately and who have entered the criminal justice system due to their reckless and dangerous driving. This partnership approach utilises the expertise of both the fire officers and partners to enable the young person or young adult to understand the possible dangers and consequences of their behaviour to themselves, their family and the community.

What difference are we making?

The Young Fire Fighters Scheme enables young people to grow in confidence, develop team skills, increases self awareness and builds young people’s moral values. It also impacts on community cohesion, by bringing together young people from different backgrounds who would not normally come together.

The work of the team is integral to reducing deliberate fires in West Yorkshire and promoting responsible citizenship.