Safety Leaflets

At Home

Battery Fire Risk

Domestic Residential Premises – Security Measures and Effect on Means of (Fire) Escape

Fire Safety – At Home (2.8MB – Fire Kills Leaflet)

Fire Safety – During Winter (760KB – Fire Kills Leaflet)

Fire Safety – People In Rented Or Shared Accommodation (170KB – Fire Kills Leaflet)

  • Landlords obligations
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Electrics, Candles, cigarettes
  • Escape routes, checks & check list

Fire Safety – People With Sight, Hearing Or Mobility Difficulties (647Kb – Fire Kills Leaflet)

Fire Safety – When Celebrating (456KB – Fire Kills Leaflet)

Frances the Firefly (1.36MB – Educational story for the very young)

Stair Lifts & Evacuation Procedures

In Buildings - Commercial/Industrial, Hotels, Shops & Offices

Alcohol & Entertainment – Advice for Applicants

Dangerous Substances (Notification and Marking of Sites) (NAMOS) Regulations 1990

Do You Have Paying Guests (659Kb – Government Advice)

False Alarm Calls – Charges for Attendance

False Alarm Calls – Information Relating to Appeals

Fire Safety – Christmas Grottos & Toy Fairs

Fire Safety – Risk Assessment Pro-formas – Food Concessions, Traders & Market Stall Holders at Outdoor Events

Hotels & Boarding Houses – Child Listening Devices

Locking Devices on Fire Exits

Operational Risk Visits – Advice for Businesses

Shop Premises – Signs & Notices for Fire Safety

Petrol (General)

Fire Engineering, Planning, Licensing, Petroleum & Explosives – Service Guide

Petrol – Carriage by Road

Petrol – Filling Containers – Risks of Ignition by Static Electricity

Petrol – Health Aspects of Benzene in Petrol

Petrol – Licensing Appeals Procedure Under HSWA 1974

Petrol – Petroleum Regulations 2014 – Facts / information on implementation – New Legislation

Petrol – Portable Petrol Storage Containers

Petrol – Removing from Motor Vehicle Fuel Tanks

Petrol – Storage of petrol – Domestic / other Premises (Clubs, Associations etc.)

Petrol – Stored in Containers at Workplaces

Petrol – Vapour Emission Controls

Petrol Stations – List of Contractors

Petrol Stations

Petrol Stations – Auto Gas – Motor Vehicle Refuelling Facilities

Petrol Stations – Converting a Petrol Storage Tank for Storage of Non-Licensable Petroleum Products

Petrol Stations – Design, Construction, Modification & Decommissioning

Petrol Stations – Effects of Stage 1B Vapour Recovery on Hydrostatic Guages

Petrol Stations – Electrical Installations – Blue Guide

Petrol Stations – Electrical Installation – Inspection & Testing

Petrol Stations – LPG Cylinder Storage

Petrol Stations – Methods of Rendering Underground Storage Tanks Safe from Risk of Fire / Explosion

Petrol Stations – Methods of Temporarily Decommissioning

Petrol Stations – Replacement of Dispensers

Petrol Stations – Soil Gas Surveys

Petrol Stations – Submersible Pumps – Pressure Pipe Work Drainage

Petrol Stations – Types of Protection for Electrical Apparatus Used in Explosive Atmsopheres

Petrol Stations – Ventilation Pipe Work – Leak Testing

Petrol Stations – Wet Stock Control