External view of Stanningley fire station
0113 2363826
637 Stanningley Road
LS28 6FS
OS Grid Ref.
423211 434528


  • 21 Nov 2014

    NHS worker rescues elderly lady from house fire!

    A Clinical Assistant has been commended by the fire service for her quick-thinking actions which saved an elderly woman’s life. Rosemary Othick, who is an Intermediate Care Clinical Assistant working…

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Stanningley Fire Station is located at the junction of Stanningley Road and Swinnow Lane and covers the western part of Leeds, which includes the mainly residential areas of Pudsey, Bramley, Armley, Farsley, Farnley and Stanningley. The new station replaced the old stations at Bramley and Pudsey and was completed in 2003. It is a specialist station inolved in the movement of large quantities of water both to and away from an incident.

The station area is approximately 11 square miles and has a population of 85,574 people.

Within its boundary there is an assortment of commercial, industrial, educational and agricultural risks including the Stanningley rail tunnel and the Owlcotes retail park. The area incorporates 36,479 dwellings.

The station commander is in charge of the station and is assisted by the four watches comprising of 60 firefighters who are supported by the station clerk.

The district commander for Leeds and his support staff of 5 are also based here as are several members of the Leeds District Community Fire Safety Team.

The fire fighting vehicles staffed by the crews are as follows:

Two pumping appliances comprising of one heavy rescue pump and one rescue pump

One prime mover carrying either the hose laying or water carrying unit

Two Communities & Local Governement prime movers which carry the high volume pump unit and associated modules.

Firefighters at Stanningley are qualified to deploy the high volume pump (HVP) unit and have been active recently with both local and regional deployments to assist with the removal of water at incidents of wide area flooding as well as supplying large amounts of water for firefighting.

Stanningley personnel are committed to improving the service delivered to the local community and the people of West Yorkshire. Personnel continue to carry out home fire safety checks in the home and also fit smoke detectors to people at risk in the community.

Stanningley personnel undertake regular multi agency initiatives in the West Leeds area. These “Operation Champion Initiatives” regularly combine the efforts of numerous agencies in a targeted location. Personnel also work closely with the Rotary Club and other agencies in order to make the station area safer. These agencies assist by identifying individuals at risk in the community and providing home fire risk check referrals. They also help by providing assistance to vulnerble members of society in the area.

The community room is used by local people to hold meetings to the benefit of people in and around the Stanningley area.

Stanningley personnel remain committed to preventing fires, protecting people and property, responding to emergencies and helping the people of West Yorkshire.



From To Fires Attended Incidents Attended Special Service Calls False Alarms
01/01/2015 31/03/2015 84 192 17 91
01/07/2014 30/09/2014 110 261 23 128
01/01/2014 31/03/2014 90 178 14 74
01/04/2014 30/06/2014 121 231 22 88
01/10/2014 31/12/2014 94 226 16 116
01/04/2013 30/06/2013 118 275 22 135
01/10/2013 31/12/2013 77 196 22 97
01/01/2013 31/03/2013 67 196 17 112
01/07/2013 30/09/2013 128 273 18 127
01/10/2012 31/12/2012 115 255 27 113
01/01/2012 31/03/2012 108 234 23 103
01/04/2012 30/06/2012 115 283 23 145
01/07/2012 30/09/2012 80 221 16 125
01/10/2011 31/12/2011 94 259 28 137
01/07/2011 30/09/2011 122 325 44 159
01/01/2011 31/03/2011 103 268 33 132
01/04/2011 30/06/2011 183 377 37 157
01/10/2010 31/12/2010 129 286 39 118


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