Service Provision

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Service Provision and Operational Assessment

Following the Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA) 2009, the Audit Commission rated West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority as "Performing Well".

The authority was praised for its performance management and use of resources, including handling of finances and governing of the business. The commission singled out the organisation's strong and effective leadership, the skill and commitment of its staff and its community safety work.

"No other fire and rescue authority has lower costs when compared with other fire and rescue authorities with similar levels of deprivation" it added. We were judged to be at Level 3 for all areas of the use of resources assessment, which makes us one of the best performing fire and rescue authorities in the country and the best performing within the region.

The government's current priorities for the service are set out in the:
Fire and Rescue National Framework 2008/11 (external link) (Opens in a new window)

For further detailed information and reports please use the links below:

Comprehensive Performance Assessment Scorecard (external link) (Opens in a new window)

Comprehensive Performance Assessment Report 2005 (98.66kb) (PDF Document - Opens in a new window)

Comprehensive Area Assessment Annual Audit Letter 2008/09 (241.96kb) (PDF Document - Opens in a new window)

Organisational Assessment 2009 (Opens in a new window)

Fire Peer Challenge 2012 (320.42kb) (PDF Document - Opens in a new window)