Our Service Plan

Front cover of Service Plan

The Service Plan presents our intentions over the forthcoming four years to meet the challenging needs and risks within our community.

In the current economic circumstances public services are facing real challenges in providing efficient and effective services.

Follow the link to open the Service Plan (Opens in a new window), available via an electronic book format.

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Service Plan Consultation

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has developed the electronic Service Plan 2015-2020 which outlines the Service's key priorities and objectives and builds upon the delivery and achievement of 2011-2015.

The Service Plan is underpinned by the Community Risk Management Strategy (on page 6 of the plan).

Consultation on the Service Plan and Community Risk Management Strategy was carried out during December 2014 and January 2015 and has now closed.

The final plan will be published on our website in April 2015.