On-call firefighter

On Call (part-time) firefighters are skilled men and women who offer evening, daytime and weekend cover in addition to their normal, day-to-day activities. Just like their wholetime (full-time) counterparts, they work on the front line protecting their community. 

Operating on ‘standby’, they’re not based at station, but must live or work within one mile, and be able to reach their station within five minutes of receiving a call.

They deal with incidents ranging from property fires, road traffic collisions, chemical spills, to animal rescues, flood and storm damage. They also carry out community safety activities, including presentations to school children and safety initiatives with our partners. The cover they provide can be anything from 50 hours a week, or over 100 (including weekends), as well as attending training on drill nights. This is agreed beforehand so it fits in with their personal commitments as well as meeting station requirements.

On-call firefighter
On-call firefighters

In return, they receive a basic salary, additional fees and annual leave. They gain many transferrable skills through training and development, including team working, leadership, communication, first aid, trauma care, fire and health and safety. They become an essential part of a team protecting their local community.

It takes motivation to be an on-call firefighter and they have to be physically fit and strong: “It’s a commitment to your community and it’s a commitment for your family, but it’s definitely worth it”.

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