Petroleum and Explosives

Ignited fireworks

Contact Details - Senior Inspector Petroleum & Explosives - 0113 387 5721

The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority is responsible for the enforcement of the following acts and regulations which pertain to the storage of petroleum-spirit and certain types and quantities of explosives.

Petroleum Fees - 2014/2015
Renewal Fees Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Up to 2,500 litres £42.00 £84.00 £126.00
2,500 up to 50,000 litres £58.00 £116.00 £174.00
50,000 litres or above £120.00 £240.00 £360.00
Transfer of Licence or Copy of Licence £8.00
Explosive Fees 2014/2015
Licence to store explosives Fee    
One years duration £178.00
Registration to store explosives
One years duration £105.00




Upon receipt of completed applications for registration or licence to store fireworks, a Fire Protection Inspector will visit your premises within four weeks to carry out an inspection.


Petroleum (Consolidation) Act 1928;
Petroleum Spirit (Motor Vehicles etc) Regulations 1929;
Petroleum (Mixtures) Order 1929;
Petroleum (Transfer of Licences) Act 1936;
Petroleum (Liquid Methane) Order 1957;
Public Health Act 1961 (Section 73 only);
Petroleum Spirit (Plastic Containers) Regulations 1982;
Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations 1996 (Regulation 20 only); and
Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR).

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Explosives Act 1875;
Manufacture & Storage of Explosives Regulations 2005;
Fireworks Regulations 2004.