Our Priorities

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Delivering an efficient and effective service to the community is paramount to West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and in order to do this we set challenging priorities to achieve our ambition of 'Making West Yorkshire Safer'.

Statement of Assurance (313.48kb) (PDF Document - Opens in a new window)

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Our Service Plan

The Service Plan 2015-2020 presents our intentions over the forthcoming five years to meet the challenging needs and risks within our community. In the current economic climate public services are...

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Strategic Priorities

We have set four strategic priorities for 2015-2020 to deliver our ambition. These priorities assist us to set objectives to manage performance and direct resources where they are most need...

New Fire Stations in Your Area

Following a major review of emergency cover and as part of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority (WYFRA) Integrated Risk Management Plan, a number of new fire stations will be built across West ...

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Targets and Performance

Performance Report 2013/14 The Performance outturns link below provides information regarding the performance of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. This shows how we have performed against ...


The focus on equality and diversity started for all Fire and Rescue Services in the 1990s following a number of key reviews, such as The Bucke Report and the HM Fire Services Inspectorate's Themati...

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Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management Planning was introduced by the Government in 2003 to provide a modern, flexible and risk-based approach to the provision of fire and rescue services together with the del...