• 14:38 24 Oct

    House – Shipley

    West Royd Terrace, Shipley

    Bedroom fire.  2 breathing apparatus, 1 hose reel and positive pressure ventilation used.  2 appliances in attendance from Shipley and Idle.

  • 19:02 23 Oct

    Leeds Road Traffic Collision

    Ring Road Junction with Black Moor Road, Moortown, Leeds

    Road traffic collision involving 2 cvars. 1 female was trapped, casualty was extricated by fire service personnel and then transported to hospital by ambulance. Appliances from Cookridge and Moortown attended.

  • 03:58 23 Oct

    Flat Fire – Morley

    Queen Street, Morley LS27

    Domestic Property – Bathroom 50% involved in fire, 2 breathing apparatus 1 hose reel used to extinguish fire, 1 female occupier taken to hospital by ambulance for precautionary checks after…

  • 06:37 20 Oct

    Bradford Road Traffic Collision

    Pullan Avenue, Eccleshill, Bradford

    Road traffic collision involving 1 car which overturned onto roof. 1 male was trapped in the vehicle, casualty was extricated by Fire Service personnel and then transported to hospital by…

  • 20:40 19 Oct

    Flat Fire – Leeds

    Holborn Street, Woodhouse, Leeds

    Flat fire – 1 Hose Reel Jet and 2 Breathing Apparatus were used to extinguish the fire and a high powered fan was used to get rid of the smoke  – 1 male casualty…

  • 08 Jun

    The month of Ramadan

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  • 25 May

    Fire Reform

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  • 22 May

    Health & Safety in our service

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